Facebook Launches Lists, Dropbox Reorganizes Website, Raspberry Pi Delayed

Dropbox Redesigns Website. Dropbox has pared down its website to allow users who visit their web accounts to navigate it more easily. It’s the latest in a series of small changes and additions Dropbox has announced, following the auto-update Android app feature for photos and a partnership with HTC for the HTC One phones. —NS

Raspberry Pi Runs Into Manufacturing Delays. An accidental hardware swap during manufacturing has delayed the delivery of the first batch of the Raspberry Pi Model B, the smallest, cheapest computing device in the world. The Raspberry Pi Foundation found the flaw, tested the rest of the device, and found that it was a “minor problem to fix,” the team explains on their blog. —NS

Facebook Launches Lists. Facebook will be rolling out a new feature called “Interest Lists” in the coming weeks. Interest Lists will organize your Facebook subscriptions to famous people or brand pages, tucking them away in a menu on the left column. You can make your own list of interests (which you can then share or keep private) or subscribe to preexisting lists. —NS

–Updated 5:45 a.m. EST

[Image: Flickr user mrmanc]

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