See the incredible honorees of the 2022 Innovation by Design Awards

See the 600+ honorees who are creating products, reimagining spaces, and working to design a better world.

Tomorrow will be better than today, capitalism promises us. Whether it’s the release of another iteration of the iPhone or a wave of COVID-19 vaccines formulated to keep up with emerging variants, the prospect of the next big thing provides us with an alluring sense of optimism. But it’s also turned us into short-term thinkers awaiting our next fix, at the expense of the environment and social equity.

The 46 winners of this year’s Innovation by Design Awards—chosen by Fast Company editors, alongside an expert jury of design professionals—represent an alternative to the “what’s next?” design strategy, trading short-term solutionism for long-term, considered thinking.

Take the Fairphone 4. It’s a smartphone that you can disassemble with a standard screwdriver to fix or upgrade by yourself. Yes, its form is an alluring Scandinavian design, but it also acknowledges our right to repair products rather than reflexively replace them. Over at Waymo, Google’s autonomous car company, the hardware includes 40 cameras and other self-driving components that can be easily swapped out for repair or upgrades. Fairphone and Waymo aren’t building their products simply to be “environmentally friendly,” but to operate with graceful longevity—just as the

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Judges: YooJung Ahn, head of design, Waymo; Nathan Allen, head of global sustainability programs and partnerships, Google; Donnel Baird, founder and CEO, BlocPower; Ti Chang, cofounder and Chief Design Officer, Crave; Alastair Curtis, chief design officer, Logitech; Aleks Gryczon, design partner, Work & Co; Sagi Haviv, partner and principal Designer, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv; David Murray, head of design, GoFundMe; Emem Offong, UX design lead, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Ben Ostrower, founder and creative director, Wide Eye; Nichole Rouillac, founder and creative director, Level; Whitney Rutter, CEO, Local Projects; Victoria Slaker, VP, industrial design, Ammunition; Yuri Suzuki, partner, Pentagram; Stephanie H. Taylor, founder and CEO, Building4Health; Richard The, assistant professor, Parsons School of Design, and creative director, Studio TheGreenEyl; Amy Thibodeau, chief design officer, Gusto; Danielle Thompson, founder, Design Match; Bob Weis, global imagineering ambassador, Walt Disney Imagineering; Heather Winkle, SVP and head of experience design, Capital One
Fast Company Judges: Jeff Beer, Nate Berg, Jill Bernstein, Gabe Boyd, Grace Buono, Amy Farley, Yasmin Gagne, Ainsley Harris, Suzanne LaBarre, David Lidsky, Harry McCracken, Adele Peters, Aimee Rawlins, David Salazar, Mike Schnaidt, Diana Shi, Kristin Toussaint, Talib Visram, Mark Wilson, Jay Woodruff,  Christopher Zara
Coordinator: Shealon Calkins
Development: JJ Guaragno, Brian Jin, Cayleigh Parrish
Design/Photo: Alice Alves, Lauren Bulbin, Jeanne Graves, Celine Grouard, Haewon Kye, Katie Orzeck, Eric Perry, Alex Pirani, Daniel Salo, Maja Saphir, Mike Schnaidt

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