Britney Spears’s Circus Tour Begins

We’d like to think that Britney Spears was shockingly self-aware
when she named her latest album Circus. Her recent antics clearly
haven’t alienated her fans — the album went gold in just a week — and
now Spears is taking her show on the road. The Circus Starring Britney
Spears is her first tour in five years. She’s really getting into the
three-ring thing: Think contortionists, lions, and choreography by Wade
Robson. On second thought, maybe someone’s messing with Brit. (Again!)
When presale tickets went on sale in December for her Oakland show,
someone clever chose the password: funambulist. That’s right. Tightrope
walker. — Sara D. Anderson

Tue, March 03
Britney Spears’s Circus Tour Begins
New Orleans

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