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Vice President, Executive Development and Chief Learning Officer


Susan P. Peters

Susan P. Peters

Susan P. Peters

Susan P. Peters is a vice president and leads Executive Development for GE. Responsible for talent identification, leadership development and succession planning for GE executives worldwide, she assumed the role in 2001.

Ms. Peters first joined the company through the Human Resource Management Program of GE Appliances in 1979. Her assignments included organization and staffing in Louisville, Kentucky, and employee relations in Columbia, Maryland.

In 1981 Ms. Peters became manager of Union Relations in the Central Air Conditioning Department in Trenton, New Jersey. When that department was sold to the Trane Company in 1982, she transferred to Tyler, Texas, as professional relations manager. She returned to GE in 1984 as manager of Non-exempt Relations for GE Plastics in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Ms. Peters was appointed manager of Human Resources for GE Plastics in Worldwide Marketing and Product Management in 1986, and in 1989 she transferred to Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, to manage human resources for GE Plastics' European manufacturing sites. In 1990 she moved to Fairfield, Connecticut, to become manager of Human Resources Staffing and Development, and the following year she was promoted to manager of Human Resources for GE Plastics, Americas. She moved to Louisville, Kentucky, in 1993 to become the senior human resources manager for GE Appliances.

Ms. Peters was appointed a company officer in 1997, and in 2000 she became executive vice president of Human Resources for NBC. In 2007 she assumed responsibility for all training and development, including leadership.

Ms. Peters graduated from St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, with a B.A. in English Literature and from the University of Virginia with a Master's of Education. She serves on the National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the USA. She is married and has one daughter.