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Stan Slap

Stan Slap

Stan Slap

Emotional commitment from managers is the holy grail for explosive results, proclaims author, corporate strategist and business speaker Stan Slap. From Microsoft and HP, to Banana Republic and Four Seasons, Slap has become the consultant of choice for many of today's biggest, smartest, and fastest-growing companies. An innovative strategy guru, Slap took his 20 years of experience as the CEO of companies with 5,000+ employees, and used that expertise to head his own international, and highly-sought after, consulting company.

Stan Slap has garnered the respect and business of the world’s most demanding organizations by revolutionizing their performance, and inspiring total commitment among their employees. His highly anticipated first book, Bury My Heart at Conference Room B: The Unbeatable Impact of Truly Committed Managers, will be released in August 2010, Banana Republic CEO Jack Calhoun has called it “not just a ‘must read’ but a ‘must experience.’”