Michael Scissons

Fast Company Contributor

Michael Scissons is the President and CEO of Syncapse, a corporation he founded in 2007. Syncapse is the leading full-service social technology company that helps the world’s largest advertisers build, manage, and measure their connections with consumers in the digital landscape. As part of his role, Michael is responsible for overseeing global operations, product strategy, and service enhancements for Syncapse offerings and services developed for global companies.

Previously Michael served as the Canadian Director of Facebook media sales within the Interpublic network where he worked with companies to integrate their marketing into Facebook starting in early 2006. Stemming from a long-term entrepreneurial background, Michael has built multiple businesses in the online and offline worlds, manifesting a passion for business development at a very young age.

When Michael is not working ridiculously long hours, he likes to enjoy a good bottle of wine with his wife Adrienne and dog, Coco.

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