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Matt Wasserlauf

Matt Wasserlauf

Matt Wasserlauf

Credited as the visionary who enticed television advertisers to invest their marketing dollars online, Matt Wasserlauf, 40, spent 19 years in media and broadband advertising before single-handedly pioneering an entirely new industry: online video advertising.

In April 2004, Wasserlauf established BBE, the premier online video network that safely connects advertising buyers and sellers in the world’s most powerful ad platform. Under Wasserlauf’s leadership, BBE has emerged as one of the few full-service broadband companies that assists clients through sales of online advertising, syndicated programming, original online content and VINDICO™, BBE’s own video advertising technology platform. Hiring industry leaders who innately understand both the television and digital worlds, in only five years, Wasserlauf’s company has grown to more than 50 employees and a market value of $100 million. Unlike its competitors, BBE is solidly profitable.