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Marco Pacelli

Marco Pacelli

Marco Pacelli

Pacelli is a veteran high-tech executive with over 18 years of experience in building and commercializing technologies and companies. He successfully founded both U3S and IBS from inception to over 25M+ in revenue. U3S was taken public and IBS was sold to NICE Systems in 1998. He built Nice's worldwide Call Center practice as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Channels. Mr. Pacelli's experience spans many technological sectors from Call Centers to Wireless Telecommunications.

About ClickFox:

ClickFox is a profitable company, founded in 2000, and recently raised 18 million in funding. They’re the software that Bank of America, Sprint and other major banks, telecom and retail companies are using to take a more holistic approach to customer experience management and view powerful insight into customer behaviors across different channels – web, self service, or IVR. Simply put, they are in the CRM/customer experience space, making the most of the massive volumes of data. They process one billion consumer interactions from customers monthly.