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Managing Director


Leyl Master Black

Leyl Master Black

Leyl Master Black

Leyl Master Black is a tech PR and marketing professional with more than 15 years experience driving high-impact communications programs for emerging market leaders. Leyl recently returned to Sparkpr as a Managing Director after a five-year stint running Marketing Alchemist in Seattle and San Francisco. Earlier in her career, Leyl served as vice president of marketing at Sagent and was director of marketing at WhiteLight Systems. Leyl has an MBA from University of Indiana's Kelley School of Business and a BA from the University of Virginia, where she was an Echols Scholar.

Leyl's mantra has long been "words create worlds" - it's up to you to define the reality of your market and shape perceptions of who you are and why you matter. She guides clients in crafting a powerful narrative for their company and finds innovative ways to tell their story. She helps clients stay ahead of market and identifies opportunities for them to tap trends and build strategic partnerships. She also provides expert counsel in how to navigate today's fast-changing media environment.

Leyl brings a unique business perspective to her work - one that reflects both formal education and a career that spans more than 50 companies and two Silicon Valley boom-and-bust cycles. She's been through multiple acquisitions and countless corporate training courses. She's grappled with everything from naming a company to positioning a product in a crowded market. She's run earnings calls when the news wasn't good. She started a business and built it into PR Week's fastest-growing agency in 2008. She's even written Java and SQL code and done database design. In short, she can relate to her clients' technology and business challenges in a way that distinguishes her in the PR field.