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Author, "Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink"


Jonathan Byrnes

Jonathan Byrnes

Jonathan Byrnes

Jonathan L.S. Byrnes, Senior Lecturer at MIT, is an acknowledged authority on profitability management. His extensive experience spans virtually every industry, including healthcare, transportation, software, retail, financial services, distribution, and others.

At MIT, Dr. Byrnes has taught at the graduate level and in executive programs for nearly twenty years. He has authored over one hundred books, articles, cases, notes, and expert submissions. In addition, he wrote a monthly column on managing profitability for Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge for four years.

He is President of Jonathan Byrnes & Co., a consulting company founded in 1976. In that role he has advised over fifty major companies, medical institutions, and industry associations.

Dr. Byrnes serves on the Board of Directors of MSC Industrial Direct, Inc. (a New York Stock Exchange company). He has served on the Advisory Boards of Objectiva Software and Autopart International, two companies that were acquired at a substantial gain, and he currently serves on the Advisory Boards of RMG Networks, OCO, and WaveMark, all development-stage companies.

Dr. Byrnes earned a DBA from Harvard University in 1980.