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Jon Burgstone and Bill Murphy, Jr.

Jon Burgstone and Bill Murphy, Jr.

Jon Burgstone and Bill Murphy, Jr.

Jon Burgstone currently works as a professional investor and professor. Burgstone serves as Managing Director of Symbol Capital, a private investment partnership, and is also appointed as Adjunct Professor of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Before Symbol Capital, Burgstone was Founding Faculty Chair at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of California Berkeley's College of Engineering.

Bill Murphy Jr. is an author and journalist in Washington, DC. With Jon Burgstone, he is the coauthor of "Breakthrough Entrepreneurship," which will be available in March 2012. Previously, Murphy wrote the books "The Intelligent Entrepreneur" (now available in paperback and Kindle), and "In a Time of War."

A former trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and an army veteran, Murphy worked as the lead reporting assistant to Bob Woodward of The Washington Post on "State of Denial" and "The Secret Man." He also reported from Iraq for the Post.

He's always looking for the next great thing to write about---so if you have an idea, email him at