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Chief Strategist


John Souza

John Souza

John Souza

John Souza is the founder and chief strategist of Social Media Magic and Social Media Marketing University. Under his leadership, the company has provided training courses and done-for-you solutions to customers across the globe, and has quickly become a trusted authority in social media. A testament to John Souza and Social Media Magic’s authority is the nearly 1,450 unsolicited testimonials that the company has received via Twitter, Facebook, email, and the company blog.

John Souza is the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards 'Social Media Marketer of the Year.' Additionally, Social Media Magic was recently recognized as one of the best social media firms by the Mashable Awards, and is currently a Finalist in Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising Companies” campaign. Souza has also appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, hosted by the author of “The E-Myth.”

Through Souza’s firm’s outsourcing and training arms, online resources and ongoing online webinars and special presentations, he provides entrepreneurs and professionals with a wealth of resources to help them adapt to the fast pace of online marketing, and grasp and leverage the potential of social media marketing.

Social Media Magic’s Success Path Program was the first cost-effective turnkey social media program designed to help small, midsized and global firms outsource their social media campaigns. The firm later launched Social Media Marketing University (SMMU), which now boasts over 74,000 course attendees, to further empower business owners and professionals and teach them how to augment traditional marketing plans with social media strategies.