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Jody Turner

Jody Turner

Jody Turner

A dynamic social researcher, cultural narrator, future trendhunter and strategic designer, Jody Turner works and speaks globally via her west coast company and the London group Client engagements have included Apple, BMW, StyleVision France, Adidas, Starbucks, The Gap, Unilever Istanbul and multiple others. Women trend hunters and speakers are both rare yet for the last ten years Turner has presented across the globe; talks include Ghana Women’s Summit on Change Generation Entrepreneurship, Singapore on Innovative Marketplace, Capri Italy on Trend Solutions in Disruptive Times, Helsinki on User Experience Cultural Design, Brussels on Meaningful Branding, Brazil on Emotional Design, Munich on Future Trends, Stockholm on Future Advertising, Copenhagen on Human Branding, Dubai on New Media and more... Jody understands the Anthropology of how we got here, where we are going to, and how to synthesize and strategize for future success, inspiration and longevity.

Dr. Phil show as on-stage trend expert speaker reel:; Brand Bollywood India award:
TEDx Helsinki:

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