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Jason Silva and Max Lugavere

Jason Silva and Max Lugavere

Jason Silva and Max Lugavere

Max and Jason are the founding hosts and producers of the Emmy-winning Current TV, the international television network cofounded by Al Gore to pioneer user generated content, citizen journalism and audience participation. Current can be seen in 60 million subscriber households and is the fastest growing network in TV history. In May 2008, the duo hosted Pangea Day, a broadcast of short films from six international cities that reached more than 150 countries. They were also recently featured in GAP's Fall 2008 campaign.

Their flagship show on Current, "Max & Jason: Still Up," is a late-night hour of short form docs from around the world, curated by the two twenty-something dilettantes, whose tastes run the gamut from alternative energy to the meaning of life. Interview Magazine called them "the 21st-century duo who are breaking the blow-dried television host mold."

They are also in pre-production on a feature-length documentary entitled "Power" about the future of clean energy, to be released in 2010. A concept trailer can be seen at .