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Harish R. Rao

Harish R. Rao

Harish R. Rao is an acknowledged authority in the realm of new media. Beginning his career in the “sink or swim” environment of the Howard Dean Presidential campaign, Rao successfully helped build the legendary online/offline technology structure that galvanized community movement on a massive scale, influencing political campaigns to this day. As Director of Information Technology for Dean for America, Mr. Rao was responsible for all back-end technologies for Howard Dean’s 2003 – 2004 Presidential campaign including communications, technology, infrastructure and data services.

After the Dean campaign, Mr. Rao continued to develop ideas for fundraising and outreach, ultimately co-founding the company EchoDitto with the goal of connecting political parties and candidates, non-profits, institutions and forward-thinking corporations to the new energy of science and talent that was transforming new media and social network outreach. The firm’s client roster included entities such as The Clinton Foundation, Research in Motion (BlackBerry), and the United Nations World Food Programme.

In 2009 Mr. Rao founded Interpersonal Frequency LLC, an online communications and strategic advisory firm. Working in tandem with traditional-media analysts and creative media experts, Interpersonal Frequency assists a range of clients, drawing upon a studied understanding of the science of moving ideas through the culture, in all forms of communication. Rao holds a BA from the College of William and Mary and is currently working toward his PhD in Computing in the field of network science and prediction from Rochester Institute of Technology. His parents, a biologist and a cancer specialist, are both committed to giving back to their homeland of India, where they have created medical centers throughout the poorest sections of the country. Harish and his wife live in New York City.