Ethan Hale

Fast Company Contributor

Ethan Hale is Founder of E. F. Hale Enterprises, LLC and has been an entrepreneur most of his life. He is fascinated by all things related to how we learn. Ethan is father to 3 beautiful daughters, he has a M.Sc in Psychology, Master's Level Certificate as a Certified Vocational Evaluator, he is a Licensed Professional Counselor, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Author, Trainer, Life and Business Coach, Martial Arts Instructor, and Motorcycle Instructor. He puts 50K miles a year on his Harley and loves every one.

Ethan has always been fascinated by choices and decision-making in our lives. His mother had brain cancer twice and he became even more amazed at the way our choices affect our health, healing and growth. This has led him to seek out knowledge in a wide array of topics and synergisticly merge them into useful formats. Ethan shares this information with 100's every year in trainings, articles, books and videos.

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