Duane Zobrist

Duane Zobrist leads a unique life. In 1992, he decided to follow one of life’s serendipitous detours. Just weeks before beginning law school, he decided to change paths and pursue his passion—Falconry. Since founding The Falconry and Raptor Education Foundation in 1994, he has been involved in the start up of several successful, and a few unsuccessful, entrepreneurial ventures. He is a facilitator, coach, motivational speaker and adventurer.

Duane’s passion for business and life is evident. He believes that if one seeks a balanced life, and is committed to enjoying life’s journey, one will attract success in all aspects of life. Duane has often said, “Living a balanced life takes leadership. It takes an individual who knows where they are going, who they want to take with them, and why they want to be there.”

“Business leaders”, Duane continues “must be willing to give back to their community.” Duane has worked on many non-profit boards including The Boy Scouts of America, Buckskin Council and Greenbrier Episcopal School. He is currently the Regional Education Chair and a member of International Networks Comittee in the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), an international organization which focuses on CEO education.

Energetic, insightful and memorable are words many attendees use to describe Duane and his presentation style. He masterfully weaves both contemporary and historical tales into his presentations, reinforcing his topic’s salient points. One thing is for sure, no boring presentations here.

Principle, The Duane Zobrist Group
Speaking, consulting and organization performance firm focusing on business and family leadership.

Founder, The Falconry and Raptor Education Foundation
America’s first hands on school of falconry. Over 6,000 students per year have the opportunity to interact with over 40 birds of prey and learn the basics of the ancient art of falconry.
CEO, Resort Outfitters

Outdoor company which operated recreational activities at some of America’s finest resorts. Whether it is mountain biking, kayaking, paintball or ropes courses, Resort Outfitters has the recreational solution for today’s active families.