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Managing Principal


Diana O'Brien and Alice Kwan

Diana O'Brien and Alice Kwan

Diana O'Brien and Alice Kwan

As managing principal for Deloitte University, Diana O’Brien is charged with helping ensure a timely curriculum and learning environment that allow Deloitte professionals to grow and develop as leaders. Through Deloitte University, Diana oversees the employment of tried and true forecasts, forensics, and analytics, alongside proven approaches to help clients and professionals capitalize on what lies ahead.

Diana has been with Deloitte since 1985. Prior to her Deloitte University leadership role, Diana’s consulting practice focused on helping health care and life science companies become more competitive through strategic and operational improvement projects. She continues to serve as lead client service principal for a major life sciences client.

Outside of work, Diana is dedicated to several charities related to autism and has helped support the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. She has been named one if the Leading Women of Greater Cincinnati by Leading Women Inc.

Alice Kwan is a Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP's and is the U.S. leader for client talent services. She has more than 18 years of experience leading clients through large-scale transformations with a focus on organizational, cultural, change management and talent implications. As the leader of U.S talent services, Alice Kwan helps clients tailor talent management solutions to meet business objectives and maintain their competitive advantage.
In her 14 year tenure with Deloitte, Alice worked on organizational, cultural, change management and talent implications. Her areas of specialty include organizational transformation, leadership alignment, program management, business process redesign, mergers and acquisitions, change management and talent management. Alice has provided consulting services to global organizations in various industries with a focus on pharmaceutical organizations.