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Executive Vice President, Strategic Programs, NineSigma


Denys Resnick

Denys Resnick

Denys Resnick

Denys Resnick is responsible for incubating and launching NineSigma’s new products and services, including NineSigma’s collaboration platform, NineSights. She leads NineSigma’s Grand Challenge Team, and has played a strategic role with key clients, including the CCEMC, GE, the NFL, Under Armour, and Cisco.

Ms. Resnick interfaces with clients to identify their evolving innovation needs and collaborates with NineSigma’s operations, sales and marketing teams to develop the initiatives that make NineSigma the global innovation leader. Ms. Resnick previously served as NineSigma’s Director of Operations. Before joining NineSigma in 2008, Resnick was founder and President of TradeQuest, Inc., a consulting firm that developed and implemented international business growth strategies for global manufacturing and service companies. She brings 20 years of manufacturing and business development experience from companies like RPM, Faber Castell, and FedEx. Resnick earned an MBA in International Business and Finance from New York University, and a BA in International Relations from Tufts University.