david heitman

David's award-winning creative direction has been recognized in both consumer and B2B marketing contexts, specifically in the development of various creative themes, advertising campaigns, art direction, headlines and taglines for the agency's clients. With degrees in history and theology, he leverages a wealth of fascinating ideas, translating them into unique marketing directions.

As brand strategist, David assists the agency's clients in building a compelling, systematic brand architecture, that enables them to increase their influence within their respective industries, while building long-term equity in their organizations.

David has directed numerous video and multimedia productions for clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, travel and tourism, consumer/retail and non-profit organizations.

David oversees the agency's public relations and social media services, helping clients develop influential media relationships and also launch and maintain multiple, integrated social media platforms.

Media strategy is also his responsibility when clients need to make wise, cost-effective advertising investments with measurable returns on investment in radio, television, web, print and out of home media.

For nearly twenty years, David has served a wide variety of organizations as a speaker and consultant on topics including creativity theory, branding, business ethics and media literacy. He especially enjoys speaking to younger audiences about the power, potential, and even the dangers of media in modern culture.

As a writer, David authors an international marketing column, and writes for several regional business journals. He leads the agency's blogging efforts as well as assisting clients with their marketing-oriented blogs.

When he gets a break, David’s on his road bike somewhere around Boulder. He claims that some of his best ideas come when he’s out riding…that’s probably true…