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CEO and Founder


Christopher Wu

Christopher Wu

Christopher Wu

Christopher Wu is the CEO and co-founder of Paper Culture, an ecommerce company delivering modern design through eco friendly invitations, announcements and stationery. Paper Culture launched in 2009 and its award winning design has been featured in Real Simple, Daily Candy, People and at the Tony Awards. By printing exclusively on 100% post consumer recycled paper, by operating CarbonFree and by planting a tree with every order, Paper Culture has set out to make giving back to the environment a core part of its business.

Prior to Paper Culture, Christopher evolved his passion for printing and stationery at HP as the Vice President of New Ventures. Earlier in his career, Christopher is proud to have been a part of the management teams that built the #1 online photo service (Snapfish) and the first US mobile data service to reach 10 million users (Yahoo!). Christopher has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Harvard College. In his spare moments, Christopher is an angel investor and can be found making unsightly divots throughout the Bay Area’s many golf courses.
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