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Director of Marketing and Communications--EMEA


Christopher Lukezic

Christopher Lukezic

Christopher Lukezic

Christopher Lukezic joined Airbnb as an early employee in summer of 2009. During his tenure at the company he has led the go to market plan and strategy for Airbnb's award winning iPhone app, Social Connections, and the Airbnb Guarantee. He was responsible, from idea generation through implementation, Airbnb Collections and the Airbnb professional photography service, which currently has over 3,000 photographers on roster worldwide. He also led the partnership and product integration efforts to get Airbnb listings into Hipmunk hotel search product through the development of Airbnb's API.

Prior to joining Airbnb Christopher spent 5 years as a professional runner and spokesperson for Reebok and Nissan. Highlights of his career include finishing 7th at the 2006 World Championships in the 1500M and running 3:33.28 for the same distance to make him one of the top ten American milers of all time.