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Cameron Hughes

Cameron Hughes

Cameron Hughes

Cameron's involvement with wine began a few years after college. His father, Steve Hughes invited Cam to work the summer to support his direct-marketing team at his wine company. Cameron found his passion immediately—he loved selling wine and he was good at it.

Cameron quickly moved up the ranks but became disenchanted with big-company selling—the stack -‘em-high-and-watch-‘em-fly approach. He left and made the move to a small French importing group. As is the case with most natural entrepreneurs, before long Cameron grew restless and took the next big step to present wines to the market at an extreme value.

Along with wife and business partner Jessica Kogan,Cameron founded Cameron Hughes Wine. Together they embarked on building a wine company focused on offering extreme wine values to their customers. They started in 2001 from the back of their Volvo and never looked back. The ride was bumpy at first, but in 2004 they hit their stride and presented to the market, the Lot Series which today leads the company brand portfolio along with their other fabulous wines.

In his role at the company, Cameron works with producers and winery owners to purchase their made wines and wine growers to make wine in their vineyard with his oversight and that of Director of Winemaking, Sam Spencer. Over these last ten years, Cam has developed world-class relationships with growers, sellers, and winery owners to bring truly outstanding wines to you, the wine lover—at amazing prices. It's a lot of good wine ... and a lot of good value.

Aside a truly awesome palette, Cameron is a people person. Once you’ve met him, he’s hard to forget. His limitless energy and exuberance catch your attention and imagination. He makes it a point to be out in the market, not to sit behind a desk and connect with you and our producers face to face. He really is a great person to be around as he always tells you like it is - straight shooter.

Cameron lives in the Bay Area with co-founder and wife Jessica Kogan. They have two absolutely gorgeous daughters (if they do say so themselves), and their two fabulously sweet Chocolate Labradors.