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Andrea Illy

Andrea Illy

Andrea Illy

Andrea Illy is Chairman and CEO of illycaffè S.p.A. (commonly known as illy), representing the third generation of Illy family members to lead the company. Founded nearly 80 years ago upon the invention of the modern espresso method, the company’s uncompromising passion and vision is to create the highest quality coffee: an authentic Italian experience in every cup, whether at a favorite restaurant or café, or right at home.

Andrea spearheaded the company's global expansion, bringing the illy experience to cafes, restaurants, hotels and retailers to more than 140 countries, where six million cups of illy coffee are now served every day.

A chemist by training, Andrea continually shares his knowledge of coffee's chemistry and other scientific and technical aspects, from agronomy to packaging. He is currently president of the Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC), the only independent scientific coffee organization.

Since 1999, Andrea has served on the executive board of Altagamma, the Italian luxury brands association; he was appointed vice president in 2007, representing the food sector. In 2003 he was named to the Advisory Board of SDA Bocconi in Milan, one Europe’s most highly regarded business schools, and where Andrea earned his postgraduate degree in 1993.