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Amy Matto

Amy Matto

Amy Matto

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Amy Matto grew up in an all-American household. As a child, she was told to drink her milk “to support the farmers,” because it was the “right thing to do.”

As a young professional in New York, she always loved designer clothing, but was disenchanted upon learning that her favorite designers, who embody the American lifestyle, were not actually
manufactured in the United States, but overseas in China.

Matto launched her own contemporary women’s dress collection in the fall of 2009 from the living room of her New York City apartment. Without formal fashion training, Matto taught herself everything about the business by exploring the Garment District, following deliverymen and talking to anyone who would stop. She also found the best collaborators in the business, including a talented pattern maker and a factory with exceptional craftsmanship.

Matto’s idea for the brand grew out of a reaction to the often flashy, over-styled designs she saw in stores as well as the industry trend of outsourcing to China. She aimed to make her dresses sensual yet classic and appropriate, with understated elegance and timeless silhouettes. She is proud that her brand supports the local garment industry, a vibrant part of New York City’s historical landscape.

Today, Matto commutes to the Garment District from Greenwich, Connecticut, where she lives
with her husband and golden retriever, Harley.