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President and CEO


Alisa Miller

Alisa Miller

Alisa Miller

Alisa Miller is President and CEO of Public Radio International. She oversees the development of some 400 hours of programming a week, bringing challenging radio programs to millions of listeners. She is responsible for making PRI programs such as This American Life accessible through satellite radio, and for spearheading the development of new programs such as the new show The Takeaway. And yes, she is the first woman to take the helm of a public radio network.

Miller is an advocate for a global perspective in news programming. She notes that, even while society becomes more globally interconnected, "Americans seem to know less and less about the world around them." (Symptoms include the closure of foreign news bureaus -- and the increasing share of broadcast time devoted to Britney Spears.) Diversity in reporting, she says, is not just important -- it is vital for everyone who seeks to understand and act for good in an interdependent, increasingly complex world.