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Top Jobs 2009

Top Jobs 2009

The Top Jobs for 2009

In 2009, the job market will be full of contrasts: some industries will be eviscerated while others face shortages of workers. The good news is that despite the recession, there are still real jobs to be had. The bad news is that you may have to change fields to find one. Read More

Where In The World To Find A Job by Saabira Chaudhuri

The national unemployment rate may be at its worst in over a decade, but there’s a world of opportunity out there beyond Wall Street. Companies from Finland to Dubai are bucking the recession and actively hiring—you just have to know where to look. Read More

Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade by Anya Kamenetz

Massive investments in clean energy promise to keep farmers, urban planners, and green-tech firms in business. This guide to sustainability-focused careers will help solar-charge your work life. Read More

What Should I Do With My Life, Now? by Po Bronson

Author Po Bronson addresses the current economic crisis, in this follow-up to his book and Fast Company article, "What Should I Do With My Life?" Read More

7 Essential Steps to Surviving a Post-Layoff Existence by Adam Frucci

We can’t promise riches and happiness, but this tutorial to getting the most out of your free time should land you a notch above destitution. Read More

Six Degrees of Sustainability: The Hottest Schools for Environmental Studies by Abha Bhattarai

President Obama recently pledged $500 million for environmental job training, and an additional $150 billion to create 5 million new sustainability-related jobs. So what better time to trade in that white collar, blue collar (or no collar) for a green one? Read More

Salary Wizard

With the uncertain economy, knowing your worth is more important than ever. What’s the salary for a marketing exec in New York City versus in Houston? Has the going rate for a professional of your caliber gone up or down? Use this tool to find out. Read More

Next-gen Job Sites by Kate Rockwood

These next-gen job sites seek to replace executive-search firms and spirit-crushing job boards with cash incentives, matching algorithms, and social networks. Read More

Nonprofits? Not a Recessionary Refuge for Job Seekers by Nancy Lublin

Job-seeking refugees from the for-profit world shouldn’t go running to the not-for-profit sector. Read More

Resume Tips to Get the Job You Want by Maro Onokpise

In a time with growing uncertainty, and thousands of individuals facing the threat of being laid off, it is increasingly important to have a competitive resume. Read More

Top Jobs of 2008

What are the top jobs for 2008? crunched the numbers, spoke to the experts, and came up with the job outlook for 2008 and beyond. Read More

A Guide to Layoff Survival offers you a guide to layoff survival and the job search. From the practical to the philosophical, get expert tips on how to survive the fall, and get back in the game. Read More

Ten Jobs You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Creative, challenging, and highly rewarding, these careers, while not always top of mind, aren’t merely desirable—one of them could be your dream job. Read More

Top Jobs 2008: Courting Your Career

Careers expert and author of Courting Your Career, Shawn Graham, on how dating and job hunting have more in common than one might think. Read More

10 Hot Jobs for 2007

What are the hottest jobs for 2007? Fast Company spoke with trend experts to compile a list of the top 10 professions that will be in high demand in 2007 Read More

How to Get the Job of Your Dreams

It’s a feat few people ever accomplish. Here are some suggestions from those who have—a designer, a professional video gamer, a stand-up comedian, a musical producer/performer, and an adventure columnist. Read More

Top Jobs 2006

The best jobs to pursue today? Fast Company again draws on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile a list of 25 great careers for the years ahead. Read More

Six Jobs That Won't Exist In 2016

From auto mechanics to bloggers. Read More

The 25 Top Jobs for 2005-2009

What are the best jobs to pursue for the next five years? Fast Company draws on the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and an innovation expert to tap the top jobs. Read More

Do You Have a Dream Job?

What are the best jobs to pursue for the next five years? Fast Company draws on the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and an innovation expert to tap the top jobs. Read More