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Terminator Economy

Hollywood's Rogue Mogul: How Terminator Director McG Is Blowing Up the Movie Business

How McG, the director of summer blockbuster Terminator Salvation, went from a master of music videos and guilty-pleasure TV to become a powerhouse in Tinseltown--and how the director plans to transition from talent to media titan.

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The Business of Terminator

Like John Connor, the Terminator franchise should have died several times. But the success of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day gave it a place in pop-culture history.

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Terminator Tech Isn't as Far-Off as You Think

Do you remember seeing your first Terminator movie, and getting that creepy, itchy, uncomfortable feeling at the thought of a piece of autonomous intelligent machinery killing humans with electronic efficiency?

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Is Google Terminator's SkyNet?

Could Google be SkyNet? In a word: Yes. In fact, in some ways, Google is even smarter. Don't believe it? Lets take a look at the tale of the tape.

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McG's $2 Billion Machine

After getting his start making music videos, McG has built an increasingly diversified -- and bountiful -- revenue engine.

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How to Build a Terminator: Exclusive Behind the Scenes Tour of Legacy Effects

From Sam Worthington being turned into a Terminator prototype, to the construction of Hunter/Killer Tanks, here is a look at how Legacy Effects made the robots of 'Terminator Salvation.'

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Terminator Salvation: The Father of the T600 is a Soviet Tank

Last week we published detailed images revealing the making of the latest line of Terminators, the water-based Hydrobots. Today we have a collection of photographs of another Terminator Salvation star: the T600.

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Terminator Salvation: Making of the Hydrobot

The visual effects master Stan Winston died last year while working on his final film, Terminator Salvation. But like the most evolved of creative geniuses, he left behind a succession plan.

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