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Social Capitalists: Network for Good

43 entrepreneurs who are changing the world
Social Capitalist 2008 Winner

Network for Good

Bill Strathmann, CEO
Bethesda, Maryland

Mission and Goals

Imagine what the world would be like if every time you were inspired to help someone or something, you could -— with just a few clicks of a mouse, anywhere online.

  • Enabling you to research and give to any of 1.5 million charities, in one place online at We also store your donation history for taxes and save your favorite charities lists
  • Allowing you to choose from among thousands of volunteer opportunities at or
  • Helping you fundraise for your cause with charity badges at
  • Enabling you to give the gift of charity with the Good Card, a gift card that the recipient can use to give to any charity

If you’re a charity that needs support for your vital mission, we’re here to help by:

If you're someone who wants to help your favorite cause, we’re here to help by:

  • Processing donations for your charity with DonateNow
  • Enabling you to email your supporters with EmailNow
  • Tracking your supporters in a donor database created in partnership with
  • Providing you with fundraising training, including “Nonprofit 911” calls

If you're a funder that wants more resources to go to nonprofits, we help by:

  • Ensuring there are affordable fundraising services and scholarships for our services for small and medium-sized nonprofits
  • Training this "long tail" of nonprofits to be better at outreach and fundraising
  • Lowering the costs of fundraising for all nonprofits

If you're a company that wants to do good, we're here to make that happen by:

  • Enabling you to collect donations for any charity at your own website or among employees via web services
  • Providing you with branded fundraising widgets
  • Giving your clients or customers the gift of charity with Good Cards, a gift card that the recipient can use to give to any charity
  • Allowing you to give grants to nonprofits in your field for our fundraising services, so you can help them help themselves


  • Have created a secure, convenient donation system that makes it possible to give to any charity, anywhere, anytime online
  • Returned $18 to the sector for every $1 invested in Network for Good
  • Returned $6 in donations for every $1 a nonprofit spends on our services
  • Raised over $145 million in online donations to more than 25,000 different nonprofit organizations
  • Matched more than 230,000 volunteers with thousands of nonprofits
  • Taken fundraising viral and raised $1 million via fundraising widgets