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The 2008 Social Capitalist Awards

43 entrepreneurs who are changing the world

Change the world. Make some money. It's an appealing prospect. Nonprofits were born because for-profits weren't addressing some market failures--pollution, poverty, illiteracy. Profit won't cure those ills, but it's becoming a bigger part of more solutions. Below you will find the organizations that are granted the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Award. Along with the 45 world-changing nonprofits, we also honor ten companies not only striving to make a profit, but to also make a difference.

Besides the features of our December/January 2008 issue, you will also find expanded profiles, web exclusive interviews, additional features, and interactive slideshows that present the Social Capitalists in a concise and lively way. The world of social entrepreneurship is a wonderful one -- go experience it. And you may want to keep an eye out for that donate button.