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Social Capitalists

New Community Corp.

Newark, New Jersey

Founder: Monsignor William J. Linder

What it does: Founded in the wake of the 1967 Newark riots, New Community Corp. started as a housing agency, but it has expanded its reach to nearly every aspect of life for the city's low-income residents. Teaming up with local businesses and universities, it's the city's ninth-largest nongovernmental employer. It owns nearly 3,000 housing units and has developed programs that include nurse and automotive training, literacy, welfare transition, health care, senior care, and charter schools.

Results: New Community employs 1,600 people; its housing shelters 7,000; and its programs affect the lives of more than 50,000 residents each year.

Social impact: A-
Aspiration and growth: B
Entrepreneurship: B+
Innovation: B
Sustainability: A-

Winner's Statement

Founded by a group of dedicated Newark residents in the aftermath of the disastrous 1967 summer disorders, New Community Corporation is the nation's largest and most comprehensive community development corporation.

Driven by its mission to help residents of inner cities improve the quality of their lives to reflect individual God-given dignity and personal achievement, New Community has been the primary force in revitalizing Newark's Central Ward. Its assets are valued at more than $500,000,000 and its programs and services touch the lives of 50,000 Newark and Essex County residents every day.

NCC owns and manages more than 2,000 units of housing and employs 1,600 people. The array of community-based services and programs provided by New Community includes housing (both rental and homeownership units), education and training, transitional housing for the homeless, health care, community arts, youth programs and a host of social services for children, families and senior citizens.

NCC's trailblazing inner-city development strategy features holistic and comprehensive approaches to individual and community needs; it utilizes strategic partnerships with government agencies, private companies and nonprofits to achieve its goals.

New Community's Workforce Development Center, which offers career training in a number of areas, includes the nation's first program established by a community-based organization to train inner city residents as Licensed Practical Nurses. The LPN program has graduated over 40 nurses, and recently began its 4th class. NCC's Youth Automotive Training Center is a partnership with Ford Motor Company to prepare inner city residents for careers as automotive technicians.

NCC's Gateway to Work program has helped thousands make the transition from welfare to the workplace. NCC's educational network, which includes two public charter schools founded by New Community, a parochial school and two early childhood education centers, serves nearly 1,500 children and young people.

NCC's health care services--which include a 180-bed Extended Care Facility, the Essex Valley Visiting Nurse Association, Care at Home home health aid services and the Family Service Bureau of Newark, a community mental health agency--serve thousands of low-income inner city residents every year.

New Community operates a variety of for-profit businesses including Chelsea Construction Management Company, Dunkin' Donuts and the Priory Restaurant and Jazz Club. Opened in 1990, the New Community Neighborhood Shopping Center and its Pathmark supermarket helped spark the economic comeback of the Central Ward and led to the returning of major retailing to inner city neighborhoods.

NCC's latest development project, a health care headquarters that centralized its community-based health care services in one location, opened in November 2004.

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