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Social Capitalists

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This year, for the first time, Fast Company and Monitor Group asked an independent panel of experts to pick the Social Capitalist Award winners from among our finalists. Five prominent leaders from the realms of social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and public policy agreed to participate in the selection process:

Samantha L. Beinhacker
Samantha Beinhacker is president of New Capital Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in new business development, strategic planning, and organizational capacity-building for social entrepreneurs and changemakers in the nonprofit sector. From 2001-2005, Ms. Beinhacker was the founder and co-director of The Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures, a program that focuses on social entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector. A collaboration of the Yale School of Management, The Goldman Sachs Foundation, and The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Partnership educates nonprofits about enterprise and income generation for nonprofits, serves as a mechanism for capitalizing promising profit-making business ventures with financial support, and provides intellectual capital to build the practice of social entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector at-large. Ms. Beinhacker had responsibilities for managing its signature program, The National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations, and maintaining a comprehensive online Resource Center with current research, articles, and discussion boards on the subject of enterprise and social entrepreneurship. She has considerable experience working with nonprofit organizations from all over the United States having supported approximately 1,500 nonprofit organizations during her four years of running the National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations. Ms. Beinhacker is coeditor of Generating and Sustaining Nonprofit Earned Income: A Guide to Successful Enterprise Strategies (Jossey-Bass, 2004); and coauthor, with Cynthia W. Massarsky, of "Nonprofit Enterprise: Right for You?" (Nonprofit Quarterly, Fall 2002); and Enterprising Nonprofits: Revenue Generation in the Nonprofit Sector (a Yale School of Management - The Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures study commissioned by The Pew Charitable Trusts). She also developed the course curriculum for The Foundation Center workshop series, "Earned Income: Assessing Your Nonprofit's Revenue Options."

J. Gregory Dees
Gregory Dees is an adjunct Professor and the founding Faculty Director of the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Greg is widely recognized as an academic pioneer in the area of social entrepreneurship and has written extensively on the topic. With Jed Emerson and Peter Economy, he has published two books: Enterprising Nonprofits (Wiley, 2001) and Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs (Wiley, 2002). Prior to coming to Duke, Greg served as the Miriam and Peter Haas Centennial Professor in Public Service at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, where he was also founding Co-Director of the Center for Social Innovation. Much of Greg's academic career was spent at Harvard Business School where he helped launch the Initiative on Social Enterprise. In 1995, he created a pioneering new course on "Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector" for which he received Harvard Business School's Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching. From 1996 until 1998, Greg interrupted his academic career to work with the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development in Berea, Kentucky on strategies for promoting entrepreneurship in central Appalachia. He started his academic career on the faculty of the Yale School of Management and previously worked as a management consultant and engagement manager with McKinsey & Company. He serves on the board of directors of the Bridgespan Group. His is also a board member and treasurer of SJF Advisory Services, a nonprofit affiliate of the Sustainable Jobs Fund.

Cheryl L. Dorsey, M.D., M.P.P.
An accomplished social entrepreneur with expertise in health care, labor issues and public policy, Cheryl Dorsey was named President of Echoing Green in May 2002. She is the first Echoing Green Fellow to lead the social venture fund, which has awarded more than $22 million in start-up capital to 400 social entrepreneurs worldwide since 1987. As a medical student committed to improving access to quality health care for poor families, Cheryl received an Echoing Green Fellowship to launch The Family Van, a community-based mobile health unit that provides basic medical and outreach services to at-risk residents of inner-city Boston neighborhoods. As a public policy innovator, Cheryl served as a White House Fellow from 1997-1998, serving as Special Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labor, advising the Clinton Administration on health care and other issues. She was later named Special Assistant to the Director of the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Labor Department, where she helped develop family-friendly workplace policies and spearheaded the labor secretary's pay equity initiative. Most recently, Cheryl served as the first Director of Public Health Initiatives at Danya International, Inc., where she developed products and services aimed at substance abuse treatment and prevention, child and family services, minority health and community outreach. Cheryl has received numerous awards and honors for her commitment to public service, including the Pfizer Roerig History of Medicine Award, the Robert Kennedy Distinguished Public Service Award and the Manuel C. Carballo Memorial Prize. Cheryl currently serves as a board member of CORO, a leadership development organization.

David Gergen
Commentator, editor, teacher, public servant, best-selling author and adviser to presidents - for 30 years, David Gergen has been an active participant in American national life. He served as director of communications for President Reagan and held positions in the administrations of Presidents Nixon and Ford. In 1993, he put his country before politics when he agreed to first serve as counselor to President Clinton on both foreign policy and domestic affairs, then as special international adviser to the president and to Secretary of State Warren Christopher. Gergen currently serves as editor-at-large at U.S. News & World Report. He is a professor of public service and the director of the Center for Public Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Gergen also regularly serves as an analyst on various news shows, and he is a frequent lecturer at venues around the world. He served as a moderator of World @ Large, the 13-part PBS discussion series, for the past two seasons. In the fall of 2000 he published a book titled, Eyewitness to Power: The Essence of Leadership, Nixon to Clinton.

Jeffrey Hollender
President and Corporate Responsibility Officer of Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation, where Jeffrey Hollender is President and CEO is the leading brand of natural household products in the United States. The products of the 16-year-old company, based in Burlington Vermont, include: paper towels, bathroom and facial tissue, napkins and paper plates made from 100% recycled fiber and manufactured without the use of chlorine bleach; cleaning and laundry products that are renewable resource based, phosphate free, and biodegradable; natural baby diapers and wipes; plastic trash bags made from 80% recycled plastic; and full spectrum light bulbs. The Company, which Hollender helped found in 1989, markets and distributes to natural food stores, supermarkets, and mail-order catalogs in the United States and Canada. His first book, How to Make the World a Better Place: A Guide for Doing Good, was originally published by William Morrow Co. in January of 1990, and a revised edition was published by W.W. Norton & Company in March of 1995. His second book "What Matters Most; How a visionary group of pioneers are teaching social responsibility to big business - and why big business is listening," was published by Basic Books in January 2004. Hollender is a member and former Director of the Social Venture Network, a group of socially-conscious business executives. He co-founded and was a Director of Community Capital Bank, a New York financial institution that invests in affordable housing and community development. He was also an Advisor to The Council on Economic Priorities' best-selling guide book, Shopping for a Better World. Hollender served as President of The Rainforest Foundation USA from 1992 to 1996, an organization created to protect the rainforest and the human rights of its indigenous peoples. He also served as a Board member and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.