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2006 Social Capitalist Awards

The amazing organizations that received the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards have found a better way to do good: They're using the disciplines of the corporate world to tackle daunting social problems. In our third exclusive ranking, we used a similarly hard-nosed approach to find the 25 best social entrepreneurs.

This special section builds on the article in the January 2006 issue and includes a look at the business lessons to be learned from our winners, details about our methodology, position statements contributed by the organizations -- and ways to donate to them.

The Top 25 Groups That Are Changing the World


Additional Resources

Filling the Void
Introducing the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Award winners -- 25 entrepreneurs solving the world's toughest problems with creativity, ingenuity, and passion. Because they can't stand a vacuum.
The Gates Effect
The world's biggest private foundation wants to fix American high schools. Is it laying its enormous bets in the right places?
The Good Business of Social Change
Our Social Capitalist winners have developed some best practices that leaders in any sector can learn from. Here are their insights.
The Rising Stars
Two relatively new organizations, though not award winners, were cited by our board of advisors for their extraordinary potential.
How We Did It
The method behind the Social Capitalists.
Advisory Board
Profiles of the five prominent leaders who helped pick our award winners.
Nominating Board
Profiles of the people who helped nominate the initial organizations whose work is notable for its ingenuity and results.
Expert Advisers
Profiles of the advisers we approached for specific domain expertise.