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Endeavor Global: Winner's Statement

Social Capitalists

Endeavor Global

Endeavor Global Is a Movement to Unleash the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Emerging Markets Around the World.

We help visionary entrepreneurs with daring ideas create jobs, transform their communities, and connect their countries to the global economy.

We have a proven, breakthrough model.

We go garage by garage, neighborhood by neighborhood, country by country; find entrepreneurs with innovative, high-growth companies; pluck them from obscurity; offer them hands-on support; and place them in boardrooms with the best business minds in the world. We then bring these role models to university classrooms, television studios, and cabinet ministries to inspire a national commitment to entrepreneurship.


High-impact entrepreneurship is the most powerful and efficient way to build wealth democratically in a society. Entrepreneurs create jobs, spread social mobility, and generate a sense of possibility.

But in emerging markets, entrepreneurs rarely flourish. Only a handful of families control the nation's resources. With few role models and limited access to capital, young innovators feel paralyzed and don't take risks. The rest of the country loses hope. The economy stagnates. International aid organizations are routinely called upon to intervene.

Endeavor breaks this cycle of frustration by unleashing entrepreneurship. The result is self-sustaining economies fueled by a new generation of business leaders.

We're a pioneering non-profit: Part talent scout; part real-time business school; part mentor encouraging young leaders to give back.

Since 1997, Endeavor has opened affiliates across Latin America, in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay. In 2004, we launched our first African affiliate, in South Africa.

We now aim to expand our model to those emerging markets with the greatest potential to become significant players in the global economy.


After 6 1/2 years of existence, Endeavor has screened close to 10,000 entrepreneur candidates; certified and supported 174 Endeavor Entrepreneurs in five Latin American countries; helped our entrepreneurs generate over 15,000 jobs and $650 million in revenues; engaged close to 2,000 business leaders in Endeavor's VentureCorps mentor networks; reached over 48,000 emerging-market citizens through Endeavor educational events; celebrated entrepreneurship in scores of media articles, television programs and case studies.

Endeavor's "Venture Catalyst" model engages top-level global and local business leaders, US business students and academics in our Search & Selection process, mentoring programs, eMBA internships, management workshops, and public conferences. For many, Endeavor is the first opportunity to contribute to a social cause in a way that directly utilizes their business skills. These top-notch business leaders have logged over 10,000 hours for the mentoring and Search & Selection programs, and 230 MBAs from the leading US business schools have dedicated their summers to working alongside Endeavor Entrepreneurs to tackle their most critical strategic issues.

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