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Social Capitalists: Credits

Social Capitalists


The Social Capitalist Awards is the result of an intense, months-long joint venture between Fast Company and the Monitor Group, a family of strategy, advisory, and merchant banking firms based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Monitor consultants invented the core methodology underlying our selections. They also developed our online surveys and structured interviews, as well as a system for evaluating and scoring responses. Here's the Monitor team:

  • Sandrine Gaupp-Scrim
  • Alan Kantrow
  • Tammy Hobbs Miracky
  • Rebecca Otto
  • David Silber
  • Jason Young
  • Emmanuel Zunz

Fast Company writers and editors defined the criteria for the project, managed the relationships with participating groups, interviewed executive directors and independent experts, and then produced all the resulting stories and Web resource center. Here's the Fast Company team:

  • Christine Canabou
  • Dan Cederholm
  • Cheryl Dahle
  • Jennifer Esty
  • Fiona Haley
  • Keith H. Hammonds
  • Paul Maiorana
  • Suzanne Nam
  • Alison Overholt
  • Michael A. Prospero
  • Rob Roesler
  • Heath Row
  • David Searson
  • Ryan Underwood
  • Jennifer Vilaga