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The amazing organizations that received the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards have found a better way to do good: They're using the disciplines of the corporate world to tackle daunting social problems. In our first-ever exclusive ranking, we used a similarly hard-nosed approach to find the 20 best social entrepreneurs.

This online resource center builds on the article in the January 2004 issue and includes expanded profiles of the 20 featured organizations, details about our methodology, profiles of our advisory board members, additional commentary -- and ways to donate to the organizations involved.

The Top 20 Groups That Are Changing the World

Fast Company Social Capitalist Fund

Fast Company has set up two options for you to help support the work of the social capitalists featured in the January 2004 issue. Donate directly -- or pool your resources with other Fast Company readers.

Additional Resources

Social Capitalists
Fast Company contributor Cheryl Dahle makes the case for social entrepreneurship -- and outlines the five criteria we considered.
Our Methodology
The story behind the stories and a chart comparing the performance of all 20 organizations
A Distinctive Approach That Is Changing the World
Tammy Hobbs Miracky, the Social Capitalist Awards project leader for the Monitor Group, explores patterns and data points that emerged while examining the state of social capitalism.
Five Social Enterprise Myths, Dispelled
Advisory board member Kristen Ace Burns debunks the biggest misconceptions about social capitalism.
The Power of New Ideas
Advisory board member David Bornstein expands on the significance of the social entrepreneur movement and the factors driving its growth.
Gathering of the Social Enterprise Alliance
Fast Company is the official media sponsor of this conference designed for social entrepreneurs in North America. The event features learning, peer networking, and advancing earned income strategies as a pathway to nonprofit sustainability.
Social Capitalist Awards Advisory Board
Profiles of the people who helped nominate the initial 117 organizations whose work is notable for its ingenuity and results.
Project Credits
Fast Company and Monitor Group team members who helped make the Social Capitalist Awards come together.