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Google’s Collections now remind us of a certain website called PinterestApple’s anti-tracker feature in Safari did just the opposite, say Google researchersHow Saudi Arabia allegedly hacked Jeff BezosPriyanka Chopra has the perfect advice for Gen Z activists like Greta Thunberg on dealing with trollsA simple burst of bubbles is keeping this canal clear of plastic‘This is disgusting’: Angry Sonos customers are calling for a boycottThis 5G application could make a profound impact on people’s livesMr. Peanut is dead. Long live Mr. Peanut’s quest for Super Bowl ad gloryHeroism not necessary: a philosopher outlines 4 steps to combatting racism and anti-SemitismSeattle-area voters will vote with their phones in elections firstHow to boost your productivity by having an argument‘Hunger Games’ fans are rage-tweeting about the President Snow prequel4 strategies to redesign entry-level work to be more productiveIkea recalls its plastic TROLIGTVIS travel mug in most marketsKaterina Sakellaropoulou: 4 things to know about Greece’s first woman presidentFacebook could be on the hook for billions after Supreme Court refuses to hear facial recognition caseSound the alarms! Everlane’s Perform leggings are here, and they’re only $58Hims & Hers is bringing its health products to all 50 statesThese five culture trends will dominate the workplace in 2020‘Capitalism is the greatest thing that has ever happened to mankind,’ says man worth $1.7 billionThe Old Spice Guy celebrates its 10th anniversary—as an embarrassing Old Spice Dad4 ways you can benefit from schmoozing at industry eventsIt’s time to regulate fashion the way we regulate the oil industryThe science behind why saving for retirement is hardIn the home of the future, every surface is an interfaceCan high-tech capitalism fix the healthcare industry?Could this gorgeous electric plane be the Tesla of the skies?5 Google Photos tricks to help you get the most out of your memoriesThe puzzle-like pattern on these Nike sneakers isn’t just a cool design—it’s a waste-reduction trickThe phenom of Big Pharma says ‘self-disruption’ is key to success as a CEODitching the whiteboard and adopting two brainstorming practices helped my company thrive. Here’s how.Netflix’s YouTube envy puts it on an unsustainable pathNetflix holds steady under threat from Disney and Apple, but it may be feeling the heat alreadyLyft and LeBron James are giving thousands of young people free bikeshare membershipsFirst case of Wuhan coronavirus discovered in the U.S., says CDCFacebook’s Libra loses another member company, this time telecom giant VodafoneThese are the most sustainable corporations in the worldThe most common way to demolish a building is also the most wastefulWhy honesty might not always be the best policy at workIn Arizona, a case study in how architecture can adapt to climate changeHere are all the reasons why Krystal just went bankruptInside the $10 million cyber lab trying to break Apple’s iPhoneApple now allows Apple Card users to export their transactions to a spreadsheet. Here’s howVolvo’s short film about saving an endangered kestrel will make you feel hopeful about climate changeFaking your emotions at work can damage your career: Here’s what to do insteadRadiohead creates a digital public library so you can stream their deep cuts6 ways to handle biased feedback at workWill Smith is Lyft’s latest celebrity driver in ‘Bad Boys’ marketing stuntHow to watch the Trump impeachment trial live on CNN or PBS without cableMore people would trust a robot than their manager, according to studyThe global gender gap is even worse than we thoughtThis CEO says we don’t have to abandon capitalism if we want to support workersReport: Apple killed plans for end-to-end encrypted iCloud backups after the FBI complainedWhat the new China trade deal really means, according to cybersecurity expertsThis home improvement brand now sells high fashion. It’s surprisingly goodThese salad vending machines are going to be a lot easier to find in New YorkStarbucks is now aiming to become ‘resource-positive’—though it won’t say by whenCould this very odd-looking electric car convince you to ditch your SUV?McKinsey’s new Tokyo office is a perfect architectural metaphorDisney Plus is coming to Europe earlier than expectedThis time, it could be worse: 2020 election misinformation will be homegrown, and we’re not ready for itShop online? Your packages may have toxins hiding in plain sightGreta Thunberg: We have eight years to save the EarthYour fitness tracker may be cheating you out of credit you deserveU.S. mayors like the idea of being less car-focused but hate the policies that could make it happenHow to be a networking pro when you’re shy and would rather stay homeHow big companies can adopt a startup mindset6 galling statistics about wealth inequality that show how women are paying the price20 years ago, the dot-coms took over the Super BowlThis is why you should have your own personal communication styleThe most common days for people to call in ‘sick’ aren’t what you thinkChina coronavirus symptoms: Here’s what the CDC is checking for as the Wuhan outbreak spreadsThe two faces of the smart cityHero dad turns his son’s sketch into a real dresserThe Outsider Art Fair is the wacky escapism we all need right nowAmazon wants you to use your hand to pay for things at third-party retailersMost Americans still have to work on MLK Day. Here’s what’s open and closedThese carbon offsets counter your emissions while helping rain forest workers access healthcareFollow these 5 tips if you want to make a career pivotHow to watch the 2020 SAG Awards on TNT or TBS live without cableHow to watch the NFL playoffs live on CBS and Fox without cableI don’t think you need a mentor—here’s whyFirst-time leaders need to stick to these 4 truths to succeedThese five free apps let you manage your time to perfectionOne million seabirds died in the North Pacific during 2016’s brutal ocean heatwaveReport: Cord cutters are flocking to Disney Plus to escape insane cable TV pricesWhich U.S. cities’ transportation networks are doing the best for the climate?These are the 5 most common office injuriesWhy Gap Inc. killed its plans to spin off Old Navy and what it says about fast fashion4 signs you might be more ageist than you thinkWatch this YouTuber’s creative correction of the nightmarish character design in ‘Cats’Evelyn Yang’s harrowing story reveals why 90% of sexual assault in medicine goes unreportedCeramics get a futuristic makeover4 ways to get over the new-job jittersThe EU might ban facial recognition tech for five yearsUnlike Ikea, this easy-to-assemble couch won’t test your relationshipHow to reinvent your email as a productivity toolMove over, princesses. These girls’ clothing brands glorify scienceCan a shoe make you run too fast? Nike may find out the hard wayResearch shows that screen time isn’t bad for you, but something else may beThis new Ikea store has zero parking spacesThis unsettling practice turns your phone into a tracking device for the governmentAbigail Disney’s new crusade: Fixing the CEO-to-worker pay gapWhat Beyoncé’s Ivy Park x Adidas launch means for the new age of celebrity brandsThe one thing employees really want in a workspaceGoogle’s parent company, Alphabet, joins the $1 trillion clubWhatsApp no longer has plans to spam you with ads—for nowIn this new neighborhood, every building will be made entirely out of woodHow Amazon’s new movie ‘Troop Zero’ got its magical realismNBCUniversal’s Netflix-killer Peacock features ads, Spotify-like playlists—and a lot of ‘Law & Order’Happiness doesn’t always mean what we think it meansHow Casio’s G-Shock watch design has hung tough for decadesWhat to know about Mark Kelly, the former NASA astronaut taking on CNN-hater Martha McSallyJob seekers, these are the 10 best jobs in America right nowWhooping cough is now a superbug, and China’s mystery virus just spread to Japan and ThailandShocking study of 26,828 women finds that sexual harassment gets even worse with career advancementWe all spend too much time worrying, so try this calming trickAway luggage saw healthy holiday sales growth despite a scorching exposé on its workplace cultureMZ Wallace’s new lightweight nylon tote is the ultimate travel bagMicrosoft is going carbon negative, will reduce more carbon than it has emitted in its history as a companyAspiring managers, here’s why you need emotional intelligence to be an effective leaderHow to use these 7 presentation skills to nail a job interviewHere are the most hilariously scathing reviews for Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Doolittle’Math-obsessed Andrew Yang should be thrilled with these Twitter hashtag numbersEntrepreneurs need to be aware of these three pitfalls5 ways office design helps your company navigate changeScience reveals the tipping point between success and failureBen & Jerry’s wants you to ‘Netflix and chill’ with its new Netflix-branded ice creamDesigners reimagine the iconic logos of Apple, Twitter, and moreWe’re looking for queer women and non-binary people transforming businessHow Nate Berkus has kept his creativity flowing for 25 yearsHousing in SF is so bleak, this developer wants to build underground ‘sleeping pods’At a growing number of coffee shops, getting a coffee to go means checking out a cupReport: YouTube is running ads from major brands, including Samsung and Greenpeace, on climate change misinformation videosThis upstart service takes the pain out of seriously private emailEverything you think you know about minimalism is wrongClimate change won’t result in a new normal but in constant, horrifying new disastersThe making of Mojo, AR contact lenses that give your eyes superpowersYour ‘cool’ office perks are probably overrated. Here’s whyThese are some of the PR disasters we can expect for Big Tech in 2020