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Report: Firefox maker Mozilla is laying off 70 people as it searches for revenue beyond searchDespite what you may think, face recognition surveillance isn’t inevitableSpotify thinks it can generate a playlist your pet will loveWhat’s driving disruption in transportation?Harvard researchers studied 9 million people to discover the surprising secret to career success3 reasons why people don’t take your adviceYour e-commerce addiction means delivery emissions could increase 30% by 2030People disagreeing with the ‘Never Warren’ hashtag helped it trend on TwitterMicrosoft’s rebooted Edge web browser is out now: Here’s where to download itLinkedIn’s SlideShare is a vast emporium for pirated e-books. Authors are paying the priceBloomberg haunted the Dem debate with fake irony on Twitter. Here’s how the other absent candidates fared.4 things to know about Russia’s shakeup7 things you must do if you’re going to successfully bootstrapBoard-game design is thrivingThis app gives deaf users an on-demand ASL interpreter‘We’re always ready’: Would the U.S. win a cyberwar with Iran?Instagrammers rejoice: A face filter for your clothes is hereEmployee salaries at a fast-growing startup: What are the going rates?To get more done in four 6-hour workdays, do these three things7 ways to deal with grief at workIs this olive oil fake? IBM will let you check using blockchainNSA warns of consequences of not patching dangerous Windows 10 bug: Here’s how to patch itPepsiCo’s U.S. operations will be powered by 100% renewable electricity this yearHow Sony’s 360 Reality Audio makes recorded music sound like an immersive concertLow-CO2 food labeling will be the next ‘low fat’ crazeWhat’s the carbon footprint of your closet? This handy tool will tell you4 ways to foster a leadership mentality across your companyDaniel Craig is definitely not James Bond in Heineken’s new 007 commercialFelix Capital, backer of Goop and Peleton, raises another $300 millionThe perfect ergonomic keyboard is hereDemocratic debate leaves a crucial question unanswered: Why was Tom Steyer even there?Let’s hope these key tech issues aren’t ignored on tonight’s less-diverse debate stageGuess who’s cashing in on Baby Yoda? Build-a-Bear (and Wall Street is stoked)Dive into a trove of France’s most famous art, now available for freeThe ocean is as hot as if we’d dropped 3.6 billion atomic bombs into itH&M has a new ‘buy now, pay later’ option, and we’re not sure how we feel about itIt is time to stop caring about Trump’s typosHow to watch the 2020 Democratic debate live on CNN for free without cableHow to keep your next big project on track when you’re struggling to prioritizeDartmouth professor pinpoints the exact moment when your midlife misery will peakTwo ways social networks could control toxic contentThe business case for investing in entry-level talentEarly motherhood is hell. This chart proves it6 moments from the 2020 presidential race that mirror what women face at workThe gym of the future will be virtual, gamified, and totally immersiveAre you a spiritual workaholic?GoDaddy’s new logo gets out of the way. Here’s why that’s goodBoomers not OK with the lack of progress on climate change, social justiceVegan fast-food options: From Taco Bell to McDonald’s, Americans are searchingVantablack is the world’s blackest black. Get ready to see it everywhereThis little British city wants to prove that going car-free isn’t just for big downtownsGrindr is sharing users’ sexual orientation and location data, says studyIt’s official: Data visualization has gone mainstreamHow to find common ground when it seems impossibleJohnson & Johnson might owe you $15 for Infants’ Tylenol: Here’s how to claim itHow have Puerto Rico’s new microgrids performed during its massive power outage?‘This is a racial justice issue’: Students organize to stop facial recognition on campusFrom Ashton Kutcher to Serena Williams, more celebrities than ever are investing in startupsTesla’s stock keeps going up—here’s whyAway luggage hires defamation law firm in response to article that alleges toxic work environmentSolar geoengineering could have big benefits (and also big risks)Tristan Walker’s Bevel launches a head-to-toe grooming line for black menSorry, Tom Hanks and Oprah: Americans think Amazon and Google are much more trustworthy‘Frozen 2’ got snubbed by the Oscars—and that’s a good thingThe one thing resilient leaders do differentlyOscars 2020: Still so white and unaware of any women directorsWhy small businesses should start marketing on day oneThe 2020 Olympic posters are here. They’ll warp your brainThe career-changing power of self-assessmentPhilippine Taal volcano: Spectacular images capture impending eruption as half a million urged to evacuateFast Company returns to DavosCigna will now let you go to the doctor on your phoneWhy doing the easy parts of your to-do list first can be a bad ideaIt’s past time for interior designers to make climate commitmentsThis massive new rooftop farm helps keep Bangkok from floodingReport: Thinx menstrual underwear has toxic chemicals in the crotch‘Total chaos’: How Trump’s Washington is killing the next generation of techMC Hammer’s breakout smash ‘U Can’t Touch This’ is 30 years old: The inside story of its iconic videoHow these AirPods competitors are plotting to take on Apple in 2020This is the secret to doing more productive group workE-scooters are leaving people with disabilities behind. Lime wants to fix thatSamsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S20+, has been leaked. Here’s what it looks likeYour Tesla will soon talk to passing pedestrians like Knight Rider10 ways purposeful business will evolve in 2020How thoughtful disagreement can lead to significant breakthroughsCanadian food giant CEO took to his brand’s Twitter to blast President Trump’s recklessness with IranHow to watch the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards on CW live without cableHere’s why being likable may make you a less effective leaderThis moving film will make you rethink your use of fossil fuelsHow Dry January became a gateway drug for non-alcoholic booze marketingThese 5 great apps will help you get—and stay—organizedWhat self-driving cars will really do to citiesThe best stuff at CES got me optimistic about technology againHow corporations can create change at massive scaleMIT’s damning report on Jeffrey Epstein attempts to exonerate its presidentCasper IPO: Here’s how much money the hip mattress startup is losing right nowClosing the sustainability loopWhy the Polestar 2 is unlike any vehicle you’ve ever seen—or drivenWhat if we just made sure the air was clean in schools?This data visualization reveals the 18 most-hated TV show finales everHarvard researchers discover one negative emotion triggers most addictive behaviorsAll of Australia is burning? How maps can misleadCan beer-style advertising sell hard seltzer? Bud Light thinks soNetflix faces another global crisis as Brazilian judge orders removal of ‘gay Jesus’ comedy specialHeartburn drug recall: What to do if you’re taking generic Zantac or antacidsUnemployed men who take traditionally female jobs make more moneyThis Airbnb-style startup wants you to skip long-term leases and live month-to-month insteadFirefox attacks: Homeland Security urges all users to update browsers immediately in rare warningWhy 2020 could be the year Amazon becomes unstoppableHow to turn the job you have into one you loveWhat indigenous design could teach us about surviving climate changeHow to avoid feeling burned out when traveling for workAlgorithms can now detect your heart rate and stress levels over video chatThese bamboo houses are designed to stay standing during earthquakesIt’s time for the design industry to redesign itselfMark Zuckerberg ditches New Year’s resolutions—so don’t feel bad about not completing yoursThe 3 biggest design trends at CES 2020Meet Mars 2020, NASA’s rover for finding life on Mars‘Just Mercy,’ the new Michael B. Jordan drama, wants to spark a criminal justice revolutionHow to determine if corporate climate commitments are legitimate6 ways to boost your productivity by managing your energy (not your time)Viral video that circulated on Telegram appears to show a missile hit Ukrainian plane over IranClimate activists say fossil fuel-emitting companies should fund Australia fire recoveryCheetos Popcorn is a now a thing: Here’s how to get your orange cheese dust fixThis YouTuber’s correction of Scorsese’s ‘Irishman’ de-aging is embarrassing for NetflixMinimalism to the extreme: Olympic athletes will sleep on cardboard bedsDear Victoria’s Secret: Here’s how to recover from your death spiralYour favorite writers, comics, and athletes are tweeting outrageous true stories that sound like fictionRoute to zero-emissions3 times when it’s better to work alone, rather than on a teamWarner Bros. signs with AI company to help choose which movies to reboot (yes, really)Introverts: This is how you can be seen even though you hate being looked atThe best hiring advice for foundersVogue Italia’s latest issue is greenwashing at its finestFeeling stressed out at the office? Calmly find a friendly plant, and look at itTargeting Iran’s cultural heritage would be an attack on history itselfHere’s the one poll that might explain why Harry and Meghan are retreating from the royal familyTaco Bell says it will make all its packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025The stupidly simple idea that would fix USB’s biggest design flawSan Diego’s massive, 7-year experiment with facial recognition technology appears to be a flopFacebook and Instagram will allow users to ‘see fewer’ political ads in time for the 2020 electionThis coding legend knows the secret to fixing Big Tech’s most pervasive problemThis is the one skill designers need to develop most in 2020California UberX riders will no longer see upfront pricing in response to AB5Zero bikers or pedestrians were killed by cars in Oslo last year: What can the U.S. learn from its success?Our environment shapes our personality much more than we thinkThese are 6 employee needs that companies need to serveOne man’s obsessive, 40-year pursuit of the productive life