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Voting by app is a thing, and it’s spreading, despite the fears of election security expertsHurricane Amazon is back: Retail store closures surged in 2019Kevin Spacey sharing videos as Frank Underwood on Christmas Eve still isn’t funnyAndrew Yang got a bigger favorability bump than any other 2020 Democrat after the December debateReport: YouTube came really close to making a curated YouTube Kids appTravis Kalanick is leaving the Uber board5 things Google got right in 2019—and 5 it got wrongWhy the iPad is my personal gadget of the decadeSee the explosive protests of 2019 in stunning photos13 books that CEOs think you should read in 2020The ingenious way Steve Jobs led design reviews at AppleStores open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: From Target to Walmart, these lists will help youThe best interactive design of the yearStill shopping for gifts? Here’s an idea: Don’t3 trends to explain where philanthropy is going in the next decadeJohn Mulaney made a kids variety special for Netflix about death—and it’s incredibleBrand warriors! Instagram gurus! Here are the most ridiculous job titles of 2019The 7 best men’s winter boots that you can wear to the officeNerdiest study of 2019 reveals a remarkable pattern in the violent deaths of Roman emperorsTop websites keep letting people use weak passwords like 111111, and it’s a major security riskHow this electric vehicle ride-share company won the trust of cities without ‘disrupting’ themHow to make better decisions, according to scienceVape influencers are reeling from Instagram’s crackdown on vaping adsThe 8 best men’s winter coats for any weatherBoeing’s deadly and fiscally disastrous year ends with an ousted CEOSling TV unwraps a holiday price hike for base packages as costs of streaming TV escalateOne-day deliveries are breaking our citiesHoliday travelers, these are the absolute worst days and times to hit the road in 2019Bringing your whole self to work is a bad ideaHow Disney blew it with ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’—and why it may not matterWhy some of the world’s most hated companies are also the most profitableThe 10 best climate books of 20195 things Facebook got right in 2019—and 5 it got wrong5 books to read to be your best self in 2020How Carnegie Mellon helped transform Pittsburgh into a smart city playgroundHere’s the best design content to watch on Netflix over the holidaysHere are the top tech trends of 2020, according to top expertsHere are the 7 flops from the 2010s that changed movies forever10 world-changing solutions that inspired the most hope in 2019This startup is fighting India’s fake news problem on WhatsAppDiscrimination plays a role in Hollywood salaries, and women loseHe’s Eddie Murphy, dammit, and he saved this damn ‘SNL’ from the gutter—again5 things Amazon got right in 2019–and 5 it got wrong3 myths about creativity that are probably holding you back87 hours of TV (and movies) to binge this holiday seasonAn elegy for Car2Go, the smarter Zipcar rival that lost its wayZappos wants to help build a geodesic dome city for Las Vegas’s homeless residentsHow Atari took on Apple in the 1980s home PC warsThe fake face test: Why it’s so hard to tell if that Twitter troll was generated by AIAndrew Yang has a secret weaponYour last-minute gift plan: Make a free retro mixtape thanks to AppleYour $125 Equifax settlement is now worth $6.80, while lawyers laugh all the way to the bankThis year’s Giving Tuesday online donations totaled a record high of $511 millionWhat you should know about Eddie Murphy’s first ‘SNL’ in 35 yearsThe next global recession could hit sooner than you think8 women’s winter boots that you can actually wear to the officeFour ways work will change in 2020This is what really brought down WeWorkIn 2020, social media will be less socialHow window displays seduce you—and get you to buy more stuffWhy being predictable is actually a great thing according to scienceFree shipping is quietly changing the design of your favorite productsListeria infection symptoms: Here’s what the CDC says to watch for after hard-boiled eggs warningWe won’t solve tech’s diversity problem by teaching more people to codeCrowdsourced branding is a terrible idea. Why do people keep doing it?5 things Apple got right in 2019—and 5 it got wrongThe Minnow app wants to guide you to what you want to watch in the vast sea of streaming videoApple wants to bypass carriers and beam internet data directly to iPhones via satellitesA casual Star Wars fan’s guide to ‘The Rise of Skywalker’My decade on Instagram, the 2010s’ most superficial social networkThe $100 billion reason not to return gifts this holiday seasonSee the innovative design of one of the world’s largest net-zero emissions buildingsWawa data breach: Here’s what you need to knowThis new group wants to keep harassment and hate out of VR and ARFacebook is building its own OS because it doesn’t want to rely on Apple and Google in the futureThese are Fast Company’s best Work Life stories of 2019‘Thrilling and eerie’: on making his own avatar on his YouTube series ‘The Age of A.I.’Andrew Yang was the only Democratic debate candidate to answer the impeachment question honestlyA mass study of 189 face recognition algorithms found widespread racial biasHow to watch the 2020 Democratic debate on PBS or CNN without cableIs J.K. Rowling transphobic? Who is Maya Forstater? Your questions about the U.K. scandal answeredHow Helsinki is using a big cash prize to find a sustainable solution to heating the city‘1917’ director Sam Mendes thinks this is the best one-shot short film you’ll see anytime soonHow hiring disabled employees reduced turnover at my companyGoogle treated me like a celebrity for a day—and then realized it made a mistakeJ.K. Rowling started 2019 with wizard poop. She’s ending the year by stepping in itI’m fighting back against laws that could shut down my freelance businessYoung people who vape are basically in denial about the risk of lung damage, says studyMattel vows to shift to sustainable plastic by 2030Why privacy at work is important (even if you don’t have any secrets)‘Fast Company’ is hiring a design editorThe 11 most popular Co.Design stories of the yearThe miseducation of Pete Buttigieg, the McKinsey candidateA scientific study on gift wrapping reveals why presents should look messyHow to get more black entrepreneurs venture capital investmentJuul-addicted teens are chewing nicotine gum just to get through schoolHow Gen Z is redefining the rock star CEOThe 25 best new apps of 2019These amazing Out of Office replies by designers are free to downloadAdmit it, you’re probably not leaving Netflix for Disney PlusHere’s how newspaper front pages announced Trump’s impeachmentHere is the single image that sums up the 2010sThe 14 most important design ideas of the decade, according to the expertsFrom Google Photos to OneDrive, how cloud storage saved my (digital) life this decadeThis graphic shows exactly how little is left of the planet’s carbon budgetHow Noah Baumbach found the love in divorce with Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’Why Microsoft is getting behind a revolutionary plan for high-speed rail in the Pacific NorthwestWhat it’s like to watch Tom Hooper’s ‘Cats’ as the world’s biggest ‘Cats’ superfanWatch these jaw-dropping videos of a snow squall engulfing NYC and be glad you’re insideAT&T’s green ‘valid number’ checkmarks won’t end your robocall nightmares yetHow technology can amplify great teachingA chilling new study of air quality raises serious health concerns about even mild pollutantsHow to watch ‘All in the Family’ and ‘Good Times’ live on ABC without cableGender inequality at work starts with entry-level promotionsThese are the 10 hottest jobs right nowThe House votes on Trump, Twitter celebrates with hilarious Merry Impeachmas memes‘Cats’ director Tom Hooper defends the deeply polarizing use of CGI in his new musicalUse these words if you want to advance in your career, win praise, and get noticedThe joy of avoiding Instagram5 ways you may be more dismissive than you intend to beThe 9 best women’s winter coatsThis is the way to send a follow-up email to get a replyKen Griffin’s Citadel Securities is opening an office in Austin. Yes, AustinYou can now harvest artisanal sea salt right on your countertopDo I hire the worker I need today, or the leader I need tomorrow?Marvel’s move from movies to audiobooks is about having a place to experimentNew York City could be the turning point in the fight against surveillanceHow to watch the House impeachment vote and debate live onlineTesla’s new Cybertruck gets its own bunkerConsider these 5 things before you make a career change in 2020Here are the top 5 likely tech IPOs for 2020, according to CB InsightsTwitter trolls used flashing GIFs to target people with epilepsy during Epilepsy Awareness MonthIs your job industry thriving or dying? This chart will tell youHow Facebook’s ‘like’ button hijacked our attention and broke the 2010sThe dark side of plant-based food: It’s more about money than you may thinkHoliday flight delay? Burger King wants to give you a free Impossible WhopperThis wearable vest grows you personal crops—fertilized just for you by your own wasteDesigning products with “human-centered” purposeThis brilliant note-taker is the best Google app you aren’t using