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Those sneaky fees in your cable TV bill could get crushed if Congress gets its wayVerizon says archiving Yahoo Groups would strain its resources. The reality is much sadderFast Company’s ultimate gift guide for people with good tasteHow the healthcare industry is working to flatline Medicare for AllThis devastating opioid overdose map shows America is fighting 4 distinct epidemicsThis all-electric airplane is flying the first commercial test flight of its kindAdidas made sneakers and a rain jacket out of ocean plastic—and now they’re on saleFive ways companies can turn regular customers into devoted fansThat $120,000 banana taped to a wall shows the limitations of zeitgeist-y advertisingWhy we’re going to need more than just gender-neutral dollsBoris Johnson did a ‘Love, Actually’ parody, and Hugh Grant has some thoughts about itNick Cannon is dead . . . rhetorically, that is. Eminem slayed Mariah Carey’s ex on TwitterMaxine Waters’s side-eye as Jerry Nadler reads 2 articles of impeachment says it allBill Gates solves your gift problems: Here are his top 5 books for the holidaysI don’t have a retirement plan, and I don’t careThere’s another reason to buy green products, and it’s totally selfishMagic Leap is going up against Microsoft and Google with its AR headset for businessesMore than half of employees are afraid to take time off for the holidaysThis is what Playtex’s brand would look like without the male gazeThese dockless e-bikes now offer you a helmet along with a rideThree things you should never do in a performance review—and what to do insteadHow to recycle a buildingLove it or hate it, Tesla’s Cybertruck is revolutionarySam Smith and other gender-nonconforming people helped make ‘they’ Merriam-Webster’s 2019 word of the yearLeBron James partners with Calm to improve your mental fitnessThe modeling industry is filled with exploitation—this labor activist is fighting backThe trolls are teaming up—and tech platforms aren’t doing enough to stop themDJ Khaled’s newest collaboration may be one of his biggest—and it doesn’t feature Jay-Z or RihannaAIM was the killer app of 1997. It’s still shaping the internet todayNow that the fake-meat industry has gone corporate, artisanal fake meat is the next trendLizzo’s twerking ‘controversy’ proves that she’s cancel-proof—and critics are missing the pointNike debuts a groundbreaking new modesty swimsuitCeladon truck drivers turn to Facebook as thousands left stranded and jobless by bankruptcyThese are the 10 worst states for millennialsVirgin Galactic stock is soaring because of a far-off prediction about hypersonic air travelIn a scathing complaint, Amazon accuses the Pentagon of bowing to Trump’s bias against Jeff BezosWhat happens if you skip your flu vaccine? This VR game shows you the deadly consequencesRussia’s impressive commitment to doping and tampering just got it banned from the 2020 OlympicsDwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia invest in Salt & Straw ice cream to make cheat meals more awesomeHow to tell when your company’s transparency goes too farNetflix dominates Golden Globes with 34 nominations, while women directors are shut out—againHow to find an emotionally intelligent mentorThis is the world’s most beautiful outhouseThe First Step: How Square conquers fear to bring new ideas to lifeIs it possible to draw the internet? This 22-year-old illustrator gets closeIntel says this breakthrough will make quantum computing more practicalYour website needs to be accessible—anything else is just bad businessThe ‘department store of the future’ is here to save NYC from the retail apocalypseThe first algae-based ink is derived from spirulina instead of petrochemicalsEllen DeGeneres wants you to stop buying fur and use these soft faux-fur blankets insteadWhy it matters that female M.D.’s aren’t called “doctor” as oftenCold vs. flu symptoms: Here’s what the CDC says to watch for as the virus strikes early in 2019We asked a sleep expert to analyze the presidential candidates’ sleep habitsIf you use your personal phone for work, say goodbye to your privacy5 things to know about Finland’s Sanna Marin, the world’s youngest prime ministerNew York City has chosen this trash can of the futureThese 5 cities account for 90% of the growth in high-tech jobsThis app rewards commuters for choosing public transit, biking, car sharing, or walking over drivingThese 5 popular productivity tools have hidden risksSilicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost hereThis podcaster wants to catch you up on the news on your ride home, no matter what you’re intoThe best gifts for the environmentally conscious, according to Allbirds employeesThe secret history of the Motorola Razr, the first great phone of the millennium20 years ago, the world as we know it was bornThe conscious consumerism movement is stalling—and I know whyHow to get skeptical employees to try group meditationMachine learning could transform medicine. Should we let it?This app matches marginalized communities to therapists who share their backgroundHow to address an issue without saying ‘I’m sorry’Inside Intel’s billion-dollar transformation in the age of AIAmericans are moving less and less—and it could dramatically reshape societyThere’s now a chatbot to give refugees instant legal aidYou received a salary counteroffer. Now what?The days of threatening your cable company with cord cutting to get a cheaper rate are overApple just bought the first-ever batch of carbon-free aluminumOne horny Netflix tweet and we’ve officially hit peak Brand TwitterFired employees invoke Google’s ‘Don’t be evil’ motto in their workplace complaintUber’s damning sexual assault report puts pressure on Lyft to show its handStop using plastic cups because BPA exposure may be much worse than we thoughtThis T-shirt uses your body heat to generate electricityTaking voice notes on Google just got a lot betterHow to draw the line between preparation and procrastinationHow a bonkers horror indie about a murderous red dress became a clever satire of consumerismFast Company’s Impact section is looking for a staff writer4 things you should do if you want to cut back on your meeting timeThis is the world’s most satisfying, or infuriating, clockThree reasons to practice good manners with your customers’ dataHow to get out of the weeds and make time for big-picture thinkingHidden in this YouTube series is the perfect recipe for startup successThis indigenous design is being returned after a century awayCheck out these 5 brilliant apps for better budgetingThis airline is replacing millions of single-use cups with tasty edible onesFast Company’s Work Life section is looking for a new assistant editorWatch YouTube’s ‘Rewind 2019’ year-in-review video, which people really seem to hateNetflix’s ‘Astronomy Club’ is an A+ sketch show skewering Hollywood’s “C+” on raceThe 7 most un-recommended holiday gifts money can buyWhat will make cargo bike package delivery succeed in New York?Skip pointless presents and give the gift of useful design17 cozy things that will keep you warm this winterAirbnb announces new guest standards and offers mayors’ hotline to company repsThese new Coke and Bud packages ditch plastic six-pack rings for cardboard carriersGoogle has a plan to stop digital distraction (and it’s smarter than Apple’s)People are tricking bots into stealing Disney and Nintendo IP to raise awareness about design theftApple is about to get toppled by oil giant Saudi Aramco as the most valuable listed companySenators want ethics probe of 20-year mass surveillance program OK’d by Attorney General BarrOne-stop Xmas shopping at the coolest “store” on the internetThese simple packets fight food waste by miraculously keeping fruit from going badWatch NFL alum Matthew Cherry’s sweet animated short about a black father doing his daughter’s hairSNAP benefit cuts: Here’s what you need to know about the Trump administration’s changes‘Evil Corp’ Russian hackers were just charged with stealing $100M from bank accountsHow Boulder is creating a path for cities to scale up carbon sequestrationThe cofounder of Refinery29 has some frank truths about creativity and leadership you need to hearThis $895 jacket is designed to help you sleep on long-haul flightsYou’ve hit a plateau in your business or career. Now what?Americans have a psychologically twisted relationship with paid time offStreetwear design fans get a new podcast series with the Bleacher Report’s ‘Friends and Family’Two simple budget-friendly ways to include remote workers at holiday partiesThese are the 7 types of companies that you should stay away from50 designers reinvent the Christmas tree ornamentThe Hims of sleep? DTC brand reimagines snooze supplementsMeet Yeti’s new $800 luxury beer coolerWhen you should go with your gut instead of logicRetailers are selling $60 cords for Apple’s wireless AirpodsHow to deal with the problem of needing another offer to get a raiseTo build cities that survive climate change, we should emulate Earth’s first creaturesIkea reveals the secret to happiness, and it’s not furnitureCala’s chef-owner sees her work as a daily performanceDeadly Takata airbag recall: What to do if you drive a BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, or ToyotaMillennials are warming up to some baby boomer lifestyle choices—and vice versaWe study the UX industry. Here’s what will change in 2020The effects of inequality run as deep as our microbiomesHere’s how to get your Spotify Wrapped 2019—and My Decade WrappedI became part of the alt-right at age 13, thanks to Reddit and GooglePantone’s 2020 color of the year is the new blackElizabeth Warren congratulates Google’s outgoing Larry Page with fun reminder that he can’t hide from CongressHere’s why Instagram suddenly wants to know your ageCulture—not products or moonshots—is Sundar Pichai’s biggest challengeThrowing fermented grape skins on icy roads could help cut down our salt useHoney Baked Ham created matching pajamas with pigtails, and there’s no turning backPresident Trump’s catty European trip turned world leaders into Mean GirlsMore than 700 major corporations say they will set science-based targets to cut emissionsGiphy’s top gifs of the year show how gifs helped us escape in 2019A harrowing study of 46,000 women shows hair dyes are heavily associated with cancerNot every problem is a nail, so use your hammer wiselyInstagram just recreated Céline Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” as a shoppable videoDoes a company really care about diversity and inclusion? Here’s how to tellGreta Thunberg’s ‘How Dare You’ climate rebuke literally just melted in MiamiHow to make your holiday toast more memorableThe first crystal-clear eraser will delight young and old designers alikeThis site is running better deals on MacBooks than anything you saw on Cyber MondayYou don’t need to be tech savvy to be a tech caregiverHow to find someone to mentor on LinkedInRejection sucks. Here’s how to bounce back from it anywayThe best designer-made holiday cards to send before it’s too latePandora’s “most ambitious” ad campaign ever may not be enough to get you to change the streamThis gas station was just another abandoned building. Now it’s eye-popping op artHow to set business goals in six easy stepsNow small brands compete with Amazon by offering sustainable same-day delivery3 ways to train your brain to perform better under pressureA Google manager perfectly spoofs Facebook’s PR bot for employees facing tough questionsApple’s flagship iPhone is collecting location data despite users telling it not toI’m a tech CEO. Here’s my radical plan to hold myself accountableAmazon’s top horticulturalist says he has the best job at the chooses ‘existential’ as 2019’s word of the yearFord and McDonald’s are building car parts together. Wait, what?Jay Z is 50! Celebrate by exploring his one—and only—movie roleScientists just engineered bacteria to eat CO2This startup wants to use your data to bet on the market—and cut you in on the profitsGet ready for 5G to make your phone even more addictiveGlobal fossil fuel emissions just hit a record high