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Is CBD safe? We, uh, really don’t know, the FDA warnsEven the mere appearance of a FedEx delivery robot freaks out the mayor of NYCBooking a flight? Here’s why you should always check the local air quality firstWhat to get your boss for the holidaysFive ways to cultivate a diverse workplaceHow to foster innovation in your workplaceBlack Friday sales seekers love these 10 stores the most in 2019How Los Angeles plans to get hundreds of thousands of people out of carsThis new carbon-neutral shipper uses wasted space on other delivery trucksEmotion and Motion: A Leading Animator on the Power of StorytellingPete Buttigieg is way ahead of his 2020 rivals when it comes to poaching talent from Big TechHere are the Experience Management Trends We’ll See in 2020How To Revive The Mall Experience For The Digital GenerationGoldman Sachs Banks On Employee Experience To Drive Business ResultsNeed New Ways to Innovate?Social equity must be central to urban tech innovationsAmerica’s answer to GDPR? Here’s what to know about the Consumer Online Privacy Rights ActMeet the massive coalition vowing to end Amazon’s ‘powerful grip over our society’Apple’s comfy holiday message to parents: Screen time is good! (Really)This is what it takes for people to change their perception of women candidatesDick’s Sporting Goods is doing just fine without gunsNew research suggests this is the best way to teach emotional intelligenceTwo-thirds of graduate degree holders have regretsThis $50 device is trying to finally kill off the walkie-talkieHere’s what happened when I was up for a promotion while pregnantThis industrial designer gave Tesla’s Cybertruck a makeoverStand aside, hyperloop: This cross-continental train aims to replace flyingThis e-bike company wants to use rental delivery bikes to get gig workers out of carsThis is why women don’t want to work at your tech companyArts and crafts retailer A.C. Moore is shutting down, Michaels taking over some storesTennis champ Naomi Osaka on how she’s changed her mindsetThe first effort to regulate AI was a spectacular failureThe U.S. has 3.8 million nurses. Companies are finally designing for themThese nontraditional, living Christmas trees get replanted on city streets after the holidaysHow to tell a story like Mike BirbigliaHow the right GIF could transform the 2020 race—and beat Donald TrumpLife in the 5G fast laneFuture farming: Tech-enabled solutions are farmers’ best friendsHow I learned to be comfortable with saying “no”The wildest theory about Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 run is that he doesn’t really want to winLin-Manuel Miranda wants you to shop local on Small Business Saturday—and every dayMIT scientists have figured out how to make plants grow in soil that should be too salty for plantsOwleez vs. Kindi Kids! These are the 12 hottest Christmas gifts for 2019 so farThese invisible bar codes make plastic more likely to be recycledgates test – parallax: Defined Height Settingsgates test – parallax: Full Height SettingsWhat to buy your assistant for the holidaysA Nobel-winning economist says it’s time to kill the GDPDisney’s Baby Yoda meme mix-up could’ve been a marketing disasterShopping while driving is the dangerous holiday trend of 2019. It needs to stopWant to live longer? Surround yourself with plantsSacha Baron Cohen follows up his viral speech with a scathing op-ed against social mediaI’ve reviewed hundreds of entry-level résumés. Here’s what it takes to get my attention.SNL’s cheeky fake ad for jeans has more Will Ferrell butt cleavage than you can handleOscar the Grouch takes the art world by storm in Squarespace’s new campaignFitness startup Mirror claims it’s ‘building the next iPhone’The fight for DACA and Dreamers gets a powerful new brandToo busy for self-care? Ask yourself these four questionsOrdering a Tesla Cybertruck? Here’s what to know firstColugo wants to win the stroller wars with its new $445 designHow to manage your energy like Tom BradyKaiser Permanente is redesigning medical school, starting with the cadaverThis is ‘SportsCenter’ for Gen Z: A two-year-old upstart named Wave‘Captain Underpants’ creator Dav Pilkey turned ADHD into a superpowerThe world’s first human composting facility will let us recycle ourselvesThese are the gifts ‘Fast Company’ editors want for the holidaysFrench luxury goods giant LVMH is buying Tiffany & Co. for $16.2 billionUber loses its license to operate in LondonThis office was built with 165,312 screws so it can be disassembled and reusedFlash funding: the growing trend of large gifts that fund tons of crowdfunding campaigns at once7 ways to set effective boundaries during the holidaysYour Sonos speaker might be the most eco-friendly device you ownHow to watch the 2019 American Music Awards on ABC without cableCan this design-forward pet startup take on big-box retailers?These are the steps you should take to be successful at a new job5G is going to save journalism! Maybe! (Don’t hold your breath)Elon Musk’s chaotic business strategy for Tesla is actually brilliantThis startup wants you to make money popping bubbles on your phoneProductivity Confidential: Data and Doctors (podcast)Trump supporters are actually more afraid of gluten than “gluten-intolerant West Coast liberals”The protests at Google are about free expression, not moneyWhat recruiters really think about when they interview candidatesWrite your own notes in Trump’s handwriting with this new web generatorThis flu symptoms map lets you track where sore throats and fevers are getting worseAirbnb in the hot seat: Congressional Black Caucus members want answers from CEO Brian Chesky ASAPLeave the Tesla Cybertruck aloneTurning followers into customers, one tap at a timeThis is your brain on musicCalifornia, here we come: How companies need to prepare for new digital privacy lawsIf an MBA is no longer worth it, what is?This Moroccan rug startup sells the work of women master weavers—fairlyHere’s why Bumble Bee tuna went bankrupt, and no it’s not all because of millennialsThe real reason we’re not seeing more progress on diversity at workYour smartphone could stop an epidemicWhy the death of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an important cultural momentScooter Braun has addressed the very public feud with Taylor Swift for the first timeThese 5 questions will help you identify your productivity styleWill Tesla’s insane looking new pickup convince more Americans to go electric?How to manage teams when you’re not the subject matter expertThe most beautiful and fascinating books to give this holiday season7 leadership lessons from an unexpected CEOSerious E. coli outbreak sparks national salad recall: Here’s the full list of products to avoid‘Dark Waters’ is a crowd-pleasing thriller to make you care about companies poisoning our waterThe best gifts for world travelers, according to Hermès employeesWant a happy employee? Give them an officeHow we fought our landlord’s secretive plan for facial recognition—and won‘Oh my f*cking god.’ Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck reveal goes awkwardly wrongPity Meghan Markle: How our divided world is making any celebrity philanthropy politicalIf you want to live in this new Arizona neighborhood, you can’t own a carNow renters can also make money in the real estate market as their neighborhoods gentrifyNetflix’s ‘Broken’ covers the tangled mess behind Juul, Ikea, and more of your favorite brandsMove over, Excel and Google Sheets. Meet the spreadsheet of the futureNew York is flooding its subway stations to better prepare for climate changeFiona Hill: GOP members are doing Russia a favor with ‘fictional narrative’ about Ukraine meddlingHow successful companies are building brand loyalty through innovative, creative experiencesWhat creative companies are doing to boost productivity—in and out of the officeTesla Cybertruck: How to watch Elon Musk unveil the electric pickup truck onlineHow Portland is building equity into its climate planningManagers, here’s why you should think about hiring a coach for your teamCreative people turned Trump’s much-ridiculed handwritten note into a Morrissey songAspiring CEOs, do these 7 things if you want to get and keep a job as the top bossThese 10 toys are supposedly the worst of 2019. Holiday shoppers, check this list twiceRyan Reynolds invents the turducken of advertising, putting a Netflix ad inside an Aviation Gin ad inside a Samsung TV adThis is what consuming sugar does to your brainAmazon’s next gadget is a smart scale that orders office supplies when you run out of stuffThe Trump administration is canceling LGBTQ people on government websitesOh no, Bird is selling a kid’s version of its ubiquitous scootersPhotoshop may still be great on the iPad—eventually, if we’re luckyForget finding a mentor—this is a better way to help your careerWe’re on the verge of making buildings as strong as diamonds4 successful Hollywood screenwriters on dealing with writer’s blockTrump wants Apple to help build America’s 5G networkI got pierced at Studs, the startup that wants to be Claire’s for Gen-ZI’m a time management coach. This is what I advise about procrastinationThis lettuce is so local, they grow it right in the supermarketDespite the threat of bans, vape companies are doing surprisingly wellReport: Charles Schwab in talks to buy TD AmeritradeThe coffee cup gets a radical, desperately needed redesign50 years later, the internet’s inventors are horrified by what it’s becomeThe best gifts for music lovers, according to employees of Janelle Monáe’s WondalandThis is how the U.S. gets to zero carbon emissions by 2050‘Just Mercy’ follows a social justice activist. Meet the man behind the movieTrump and Zuckerberg had a secret meeting at the White HouseAs corporate philanthropy and marketing stunts converge, who is actually benefiting?Actress Carrie Coon is a ‘Motherhacker’ who’s always fishing in the dark side of motherhoodThe secret life of the Santa Claus gig economyWhy Andrew Yang’s UBI solution to the cost of childcare is not as good as it soundsJoe Biden’s terrible debate night: stumbles on race, pot, and domestic violenceWhat the Trump impeachment hearings reveal about handling a toxic workplaceNot even Winnie-the-Pooh would pay this much for HoneyBombshell is the word of the day: Here are the 3 biggest from Sondland’s impeachment testimonyChinese EV startup Byton is bringing an electric SUV to the U.S.It’s 2019, and women CEOs are losing representation at top companiesHow to watch the Democratic debate on MSNBC live for free without cableThis is what the Democratic candidates say about gender and policyWe’re calling it: This is the best guacamole website in historyThe Grammy nominations are in, but women rappers were shut outThis bubble wrap-inspired sweater uses air to trap your body heat and keep you warmQualcomm is talking a big game about 5G—in 2020 and beyondHow to design an office that actually supports employees’ well-beingThese are the quirky flu prevention behaviors Americans think will keep them from getting sickA studio exec wanted Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman. Naturally, Twitter reactedThe next “iPhone moment” won’t be about communication, it’ll be about survivalThis is how to crush your year-end reviewThree tips to try if you’re hunting for investorsHow straight, white men and other privileged groups can be alliesYou can now create the ultimate vacation slide show inside Google EarthAirbus is making planes lighter with technology we barely understandThese 5 innovative projects are building worker power‘It’s sort of the Wild West’: How Instagram influencers are disrupting healthcareWhen you wear out these white shoes, you can send them back to be 100% recycledThis is why you should know your ‘risk profile’Taco Bell fires a shot in the chicken wars with a Crispy Tortilla Chicken: Here’s where to get oneIt’s time to stop designing “minimum viable products”Apple Music will now serve the tunes in Levi Strauss and Harrods retail stores6 ways to update your guest room for $500 or lessPolitico’s Natasha Bertrand never unplugs. You’re welcomeMicrosoft went all in on accessible design. This is what happened afterwardsThe agencies behind Warby Parker launch a new project to find the next great brandThe best gifts for foodies, according to Sweetgreen employeesCan food banks put an end to hunger if their biggest donors are the cause of the hunger?Netflix’s documentary ‘Bikram’ sheds light on how #MeToo men get away with itAs the giving season begins, where is philanthropy headed?Better-educated, higher-paid workers will be ‘most affected’ by AI, per new study