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Fast Company’s latest redesign is bringing the user into the UX design processU.S. CTO: Don’t trust Huawei. Edward Snowden: Don’t trust anybodyAs the ice disappears, climate change is coming for the emperor penguinWhy the streaming wars are a mythThe original Elizabeth Warren impersonator tells all—and she has a plan for 2020Productivity Confidential: Productive Creativity (podcast)How to deal with a manager who doesn’t manageLin-Manuel Miranda has a surprisingly personal reason for opening a bookstore in the age of AmazonThis is what you’ll be doing on Snapchat in 5 yearsVaping lung illnesses: The CDC just named this chemical as the likely culpritAn old Firefox bug is letting scammers lock up people’s browsersIkea’s new U.K. Xmas ad is a home-shaming diss track rapped by house trinketsHere’s why thousands of people just received a text from Valentine’s DayThis K-Pop band already has 2.5 million YouTube views—for an in-flight safety videoDisney wants awards too—and is going to use FX on Hulu to get themEve Rodsky’s deck of cards could help you find domestic blissDating app Bumble and its sister apps are now worth $3 billionThis startup just won $75,000 to bring relevant healthcare information to people of colorMo Rocca is obsessed with everything (you think) you don’t care aboutSatya Nadella on learning, listening, and his #1 productivity hackThese are the steps you should take when a recruiter ghosts youHow Sesame Street changed television and my lifeThis tech can turn your old jeans into a brand new pair of jeansAsk yourself these 4 simple questions to develop your leadership skillsMen, do you want to be better allies to women at work? ‘Sometimes, be quiet’Eight business podcasts that will definitely inspire and educateHow this tech company rebranded to ‘unbreak the internet’ and gain trustTech for good: Facing the challenges of climate changeWhy Apple’s privacy-focused password killer hasn’t taken off yetKanye West on his design process, sustainability, and the future of YeezyWhat I learned when I experimented with turning on notifications for a monthThis year, make your Thanksgiving dinner eco-friendlyApple has already renewed its four flagship Apple TV+ series for second seasonsPeople are building technology that could survive the apocalypseNetflix spent an estimated $15 billion on original content in 2019, ahead of Disney+ and Apple TV+’s launchesProducer Will Packer says Georgia’s controversial abortion law won’t drive him out of AtlantaThese are the 100 individuals most responsible for climate changeFirefox at 15: its rise, fall, and privacy-first renaissanceDisney stock skyrockets after earnings beat—days before Disney Plus debutArt Peck is stepping down as CEO of GapThis new calculator tells billionaires how much tax Elizabeth Warren would make them payJust because you can’t overnight clothes to Paris anymore doesn’t mean media is deadKanye just unveiled a new foam sneaker made from algaeItaly is the first country to require climate change lessons in schoolIf you buy a pack of Heineken in the U.K., it won’t have plastic rings anymoreThis is what these 4 vague comments you’ll hear at work actually meanThis actor teaches CEOs how to be more empatheticEverything to know about Kamala Harris’s new bill for working parentsWant to upgrade your dining set before the holidays? We’ve got youMillennials face much higher death rates than Gen-XersThis giant meat company is the first large food company to go carbon neutral5 lessons from Stockholm’s bold congestion-reduction plan for any city to copyLyft wants to help you get rid of your carWhile Trump boasts of economic growth, inequality deepensBernard J. Tyson says Medicare for All is not the right answer to the healthcare crisisMark Burnett and Donald Trump reportedly in talks to make ‘The Apprentice: White House’How to tell if you have chicken that’s been recalled by the USDAThis is how Meek Mill plans to change the criminal justice systemLol or lmao? These infographics chart how laughter has evolved online6 ways Target and Orangetheory attract rabidly loyal fansExactly what you need to know to successfully live-stream an eventMeeting cancellations are driving me crazy. What can I do?Elizabeth Banks made ‘Charlie’s Angels’ to celebrate women at workExclusive: Inside the design of Microsoft’s Hololens 2The guy who suggested podcasts to Steve Jobs thinks he can find your next favoriteThese are the small steps you can take to make your big goal seem less overwhelmingThis carbon-negative vodka is made from captured CO2Disney’s cable viewers say on-demand content is disappearing a week before Disney+ launchTV and Podcast host Chris Hayes loves FleabagYou can now wear the work of Ada Lovelace, Rachel Carson, and Mae JemisonOneWeb wants to blanket the planet in high-speed satellite broadbandJordan Peele on how to make original movies that are commercially viableChobani’s newest food incubator is boosting veterans’ food businessesThese 5 alternative social networks are the cure for Facebook fatigueWith scandals mounting, Airbnb hires a few cops to win back our trustThe counterintuitive way to build resilience and achieve long-term successThese are the 3 things that companies get wrong about diversityTime’s Up CEO Tina Tchen says we’re at ‘transformational moment’ to address inequality and harassmentApple announces policy to ease transition back to work for new parentsAfter Katie Hill’s resignation, more women lawmakers flee politics due to harassmentAn all-CGI James Dean has been cast in a new action-drama, set during the Vietnam War eraCarbon emissions rose in these countries in 2018, throwing the Paris Agreement further out of reachBeneficial State Bank is trying to build a better banking industryFor this black female founder, it took 250 meetings to get fundingWeaving, coding, and the secret history of ‘women’s work’These are the four essential qualities you need to be an effective leaderChilean businesses are committing to lower the CEO-worker salary gap as inequality protests rageCan art solve climate change?Vice Media CEO Nancy Dubuc on why she’s tired of hearing about ‘bro culture’Every iPhone user should check out Apple’s updated privacy website todayEven Facebook’s Libra can’t escape the fintech establishmentWhy small ‘trust groups’ create better ideas than big brainstormsWhy you’re tired at work all the timeWhatsApp now lets users choose who can add them to groupsThe new Sesame Yourself AR app lets kids play with Elmo on your phoneWe got BPA out of plastic bottles, soda cans are nextThese apps make an iPhone even better at protecting your privacyThese modular units are designed to make homeless shelters a little more livableHere’s what you should tip Uber, DoorDash, and Instacart workersAs gender norms shift, ‘women’s brands’ are going after a new demo: menWeWork and Uber cost SoftBank’s Vision Fund a quarterly loss of $8.9 billionWhy branding will be one of the streaming wars’ most crucial battlesThis Google Ventures-backed indoor farming startup just opened its biggest farm yet