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Uber and pals unveil a last-ditch effort to fight California’s new gig economy lawVibe check diagnosis: Now there’s a viral ‘test’ to go along with the viral memeTulsa wants to pay you $10,000 to move there and work remotelyLong-distance electric buses are coming to the U.S.Now that Google won’t index Flash pages, here’s what website owners need to knowRIP, PlayStation Vue! Sony’s cord-cutter service will shut down in 3 monthsDon’t build new renewable energy in California. Build it in the upper Midwest firstThe unbelievable timeline of how Benioff and Weiss went from ‘Game of Thrones’ gods to ‘Star Wars’ goatsHow proximity bias holds employees (and workplaces) backThis is how journaling can make you a more effective leaderWhy it’s better to be efficient rather than productive5 expressions to avoid in formal networking situationsBefore you vape, check out this terrifying infographicGrubHub stock is in a free fall after earnings disaster and 5 downgradesFloyd is launching a mattress for its beloved minimalist bed frameThese maps show the cities with the most solar in the U.S.How to tell if you have workplace burnout or something elseAlprazolam recall: What to do if you have generic Xanax in the houseHow Skittles created 150 different flavors for sweet tooths around the worldThis is how we can make sure democracy lives up to its nameApple still hasn’t fixed the biggest problem with AirPodsIf more people could work remotely, the U.S. economy could gain trillionsHow to help California wildfire victims: 13 things you can do as Kincade, Tick, Getty, Easy fires burnThese YouTube alternatives offer children and parents a digital safe space—but there’s a catchDark mode is everywhere. Is it really better for you?This sponge-like nanomaterial uses HVAC systems to create water from thin airTo make the economy more fair, we need to make it more democraticJuul will cut up to 15% of its workforce in company ‘reset’If it looks like a steak and tastes like a steak, in this case, it’s a mushroomDemocracy failure alert: Americans’ trust of local news is on the brinkTaking the Leap: How large corporations can stay ahead of disruption50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420How to help your employees who suffer from seasonal affective disorderGoogle’s parent company just reported a significant drop in profitsBeyond Meat beats the Street in 1st full quarter since its IPOFox News would prefer you didn’t chant ‘lock him up’ at TrumpFrom pregnancy to body dysmorphia, meditation apps target women’s issuesHow the real estate industry is innovating from the ground upHere’s your chance to make money on space travel: Virgin Galactic blasts off on the NYSEH&M’s CEO is worried that eco-conscious consumers could be bad for fast fashionWhy achieving a goal is the worst thing to happen to most peopleHBO’s fun ‘Silicon Valley’ app had a buggy launch—just like the companies it satirizes85% of cities are feeling climate change—but nearly half aren’t dealing with itThis new app wants to change the way music gets madeThese cotton sheets will help you get a good night’s sleep and save the planetFacebook wants to give you medical advice. But can you trust it?The reviews for Apple’s ‘The Morning Show’ are in–and they aren’t greatIs Apple designing airport terminals now?How to automate new habits so that you’ll stick with themWhat life is really like for freelance designers, in 5 numbersA new national memorial to victims of gun violence makes its debutYour mindfulness hack probably doesn’t work. Here’s why you should do it anywayWomen founders have it tough. Women in “hard tech” have it tougher10 ways men can help close the gender gap for female coworkersWhy VC Ben Horowitz chose such unconventional subjects for his new book on business culturesTechnology biased against black patients runs rampant in hospitalsThe first map of America’s food supply chain is mind-bogglingRead: Katie Hill vows to keep fighting ‘cyber exploitation’ of women in letter resigning from CongressSave the date! The Popeyes chicken sandwich is coming backHow Sesame Workshop helps kids affected by the opioid crisisThe future of kids’ entertainment will determine the future of entertainmentFrustrated funders exit Facebook’s election transparency projectWhat’s the 2020 Color of the Year? There are three so farHow Sesame Workshop tackles tough issuesInstagram is banning cartoons and memes that promote self-harm and suicideWhen vulnerable service workers want to fight for better wages, this group helps them organizeThis 13-year-old invented a better version of the hyperloopHow to tell when social media posts signal a mass shooter in the makingEditor’s pick: These are the ultimate, comfortable, wrinkle-free work pantsHBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ finally morphs into Surveillance ValleyThe Ocean Cleanup project is now cleaning plastic out of rivers to stop it from getting to the oceanThe WeWork debacle shows the danger of much-hyped founders with too much powerPixelbook Go: a happy medium between budget and high-end ChromebooksProductivity Confidential: Can a Four Day Work Week Work? (podcast)I was a startup founder who burned out. Here’s what I learnedThese California wildfire maps help you track the Kincade, Tick, and other fires in real timeApple gets all moody in new privacy ad for World SeriesJuul should probably worry about this lawyer’s website going viral on FacebookThe three ways companies can manage, predict, and exceed customer expectationsHow the government workforce can transform itself for the futureHow to stop fear from driving your decision-making processFailure will hurt more than you think. Here’s how to learn from it anywaySimulated torture, underwear-only haunted houses: How did the Halloween business get so scary?You can still get that free Snickers Halloween bag, but you may have to be quick on the drawMotorola is building a new kind of walkie-talkie for first responders3 ways that you can support sucking extra carbon from the airThe Pink Tax is real, but Sequin’s sparkly credit card for women won’t fix itThis is what happens when Harvey Weinstein goes out in public nowThis is when you should use a video résumé (and how to do it well)See it! American Dream mega-mall opens in NJ with Legoland, theme park, and 33K parking spotsAlways wants you to know pads aren’t just for cis womenHere are the winners of the first contest for hacker stock photosWhere does your carrier offer 5G? That’s an excellent question!The science (and business) of not losing your mindWhat to do if your coworker is a narcissistWho got a raise last year? Millennials and menWatch Google, Facebook, and YouTube’s rise to dominance in this hypnotic videoThis is what it’s like to study social media influencers for a livingAmerican buildings aren’t designed to survive climate disastersThe techno-utopian visions of Google and Facebook are dead. What comes next?Why we need to stop idolizing big techDo you know what your bank does with your money once you give it to them?Google just released a ‘phone’ made of paper, for your sanityHow Charlie’s Angels director, producer, and actor Elizabeth Banks took control of her careerSee which Halloween candy is contributing to child labor and deforestationLawmakers want Netflix to warn users about a nuclear attackThis is your brain on improvisation—and why your creativity depends on itGoogle just got better at understanding your trickiest searchesAmazon stock tumbles after earnings and AWS revenue fall short of estimatesOnline shoppers beware: Those ATM skimming devices are now on some retail websitesAs customers lose electrical power, bankrupt Pacific Gas & Electric continues to pay for political powerThis plant can take a selfieThis video presents a fascinating take on what the ‘Succession’ characters are really saying—or notBeing a great listener can benefit your career. Here’s how to do itThe American public agrees that capitalism is broken—and on how to fix itKathy Griffin roasts a news anchor on live TV for downplaying misogyny in comedyLizzo shares credit for her ‘DNA test’ line with Mina Lioness—and sues others claiming plagiarism23andMe’s next stage? Using DNA data to help you make better health choicesRothy’s wants you to wear its eco-friendly shoes all year-roundYour student debt could be wiped clean if a DOE official gets his way, but he’s resigningHow to make fiber supplements fun: Just add sparklesThese plants went extinct in NYC. Now, an artist is reintroducing themSunday Riley’s fake review scandal hurts all beauty brands—and all consumersLululemon’s new drops are high fashion and weather readyHow Vancouver is pushing to build a city of zero emissions buildingsHow my gender-neutral upbringing made me a better leaderA legendary design firm developed this fork just for eating Cup NoodlesHBO Max could be priced even lower than we thought, says analystHinge’s founder gets vulnerable about data, addiction, and ‘Modern Love’How much could you get for that Prada bag? This tool calculates its exact value5 ways to manage your fear of uncertaintyHere’s how to play classic iOS games on your iPhone againTwitter’s stock plummets after shortfall on ad revenue and earningsHere’s how to stop your ISP from spying on youAccording to Unicode, this is the emoji we use the mostFor female founders to succeed, we need our own proverbial golf courseThese are the top 10 Halloween costumes for pets in 2019Five ways to be a good steward of customer dataA Fender guitar, a stylish carbonator, and other products Fast Company is loving this monthThe great rebranding of body hairNude photo of congresswoman could test legal limits of ‘revenge porn’ lawsThis retail employee is teaching workers how to stop the private equity industry from eating their jobsLos Angeles is testing ‘plastic asphalt’ that makes it possible to recycle roadsThese are the top 4 ways to get to the C-suiteHow mindfulness improves decision-makingWatch AOC leave Mark Zuckerberg speechless on the topic of Facebook’s political ad rulesTesla stock skyrockets on stellar earnings and Gigafactory Shanghai newsWacky robot hotel admits its bedside cameras could have exposed guests to peeping hackersHow to watch the 2019 World Series live on Fox or YouTube TV without cableOne congresswoman perfectly summed up Facebook’s hypocritical stance on privacyGOP storming House impeachment hearings wasn’t just a dumb stunt. It was a security breachFAO Schwarz is opening two stores in Europe. Yes, you can dance on the pianosWhat’s next in intelligent technology: a look into 2020 and beyondThe perils of Netflix’s rumored password sharing crackdownThis extreme, torture-horror haunted house pays $20k if you finish it—but nobody ever hasWatch Mark Zuckerberg defend letting politicians lie on Facebook to Maxine WatersWhy being a little terrified is good for youGreat marketing lifted Nike’s Mark Parker and Under Armour’s Kevin Plank—but it couldn’t save themThis is what acting can do to your brainA psychologist explains why haunted houses terrify usWhat will 5G mean for you? A reality check on the hypePaul Rudd celebrates 15 years of pranking Conan O’Brien with the same prankThe illegal interview mistake women say companies are makingThese are the 5 best and 5 worst states for online privacyFigma’s new Community feature isn’t just a way to show off designsCan I ask my board of directors to help me interview job candidates?See the year’s most remarkable microscope photographsHow empathy became the new CEO status symbolThe 5 best news apps you aren’t using—yetThe longest flight in the world looks like an ergonomics nightmareGoogle says it’s achieved ‘quantum supremacy,’ but IBM says nopeHow to build the perfect capsule wardrobe for workThis $555 drink machine is the Juicero of waterScientists have found a way to create energy from the night skyEx-Cambridge Analytica employee: If Trump wins in 2020, blame FacebookThis man says Big Tech is ‘the greatest threat to democracy since the Civil War’Should we outlaw SUVs?Five tips on how to listen to your customersDisney’s Iger: Marvel movies aren’t ‘less’ than Scorsese, Coppola classics