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San Francisco is radically redesigning a major street to get rid of cars‘Metal shaving’ in Taco Bell seasoned beef ignites massive recall in 21 statesElizabeth Warren vows to reject all big donations from Big TechSony’s 360 “spatial” audio will stream soon on Amazon, Tidal, and DeezerHow to watch the Democratic debate free on CNN live without cableHow Durham is using user-testing to design a compost system that works‘Shazam’ director’s delightful video shows us everything we know about test screenings is wrong5 unique ways candidates have made themselves stand out in the job application processIt was inevitable: the scooters are now driving themselvesThese are all the ways that remote working is stressing you outThis is what thinking with an abundance mentality really meansMachine learning isn’t effective at identifying fake newsAMC Theatres launches an iTunes-style streaming service for moviesSilicon Valley’s biggest investors want your kids to play with these low-tech toysGoogle’s next big play for your house is hereSweater weather is here, but read this before you buy anything cashmereThis new Slack feature aims to take the drudgery out of everyday tasksThis is the impact of Instagram’s accidental fat-phobic algorithmThis is the campaign issue no presidential candidate is addressingFour steps that make writing less overwhelmingThe makers of Vespa built a $3,250 high-tech granny cartThe most beautiful map of fall foliage we’ve ever seenAirlines can’t agree about whether seats should have screens6 things to consider when choosing a job interview outfitWhat’s the deal with the ‘Epoch Times’? Here’s why you’re seeing so much pro-Trump contentFor women in the workplace, the thickest glass ceiling is not where you think it isAva DuVernay and Netflix are being sued by the company behind the interrogation tactics in ‘When They See Us’Yahoo might owe you $358. Here’s how to claim itThe outrageous, deeply sexist history of the pantsuit7 perfect suitcases . . . that aren’t made by AwayWalmart will now deliver groceries to your fridgeDisney just posted a massive Twitter thread revealing ‘basically everything’ coming to Disney+What if chain-link fences could be transformed into gardens?Google’s auto-delete tools are practically worthless for privacyThe people who are going to be starved by climate change didn’t cause itRead real stories of how YouTube pushed people down shocking rabbit holesHow to tap into your employees’ hidden talentsAmazon Prime Video is confusing its customers with bait-and-switch tactics, survey showsHarley-Davidson warning: Don’t charge your electric motorcycles at homeMicrosoft just added anti-bullying message filters to Xbox LiveThe U.K. just used more renewables than fossil fuels for the first time since the Industrial RevolutionWe need to stop seeing laziness as a bad thing. Here’s whyThe states with the oldest and youngest business ownersThe fake video of Trump gunning down journalists isn’t the problem—Trump’s rhetoric isThese algae tiles can turn any building into a pollution-scrubbing machine8 CEOs on their mindfulness practicesNow you can wear a melting glacierPoliticians react to the violent mass-shooting video shown at Trump’s resort7 ways I’ve learned to assert myself as a young woman at workThis game puts you inside the head of a real social media trollRobots have skin now. This is fineWhy people associate ‘cold’ with luxury productsHere’s how the unforgettable bee scene in ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ finale came togetherHow to handle stress like a NASCAR pit crew memberDear Apple and Google: It’s time to stop releasing a new phone every yearThe Washington Post’s inspired new TV app is about reading, not watchingThe hicks, skids, and jocks of ‘Letterkenny’ are back—on Hulu—and it’s time to join themApple’s iPhone recycling robot can take apart 200 iPhones an hour—can it dismantle the company’s footprint?Can’t wait to get the next-generation iPhone SE? Here’s what the specs will beChina’s horrifying new app is spying on 100 million Android usersThis startup is ditching plastic waste by bringing the refills to youColumbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day: the fight over a name and why it matters3 mistakes that prevent you from hiring the best talentThis firefighter monitoring device is designed to protect first responders as wildfires spreadHow to watch Lifetime’s ‘College Admissions Scandal’ without cableI’m an eye doctor. Here’s how to keep screens from ruining your visionIt seems like every city wants to be “smart.” Not all of them are succeedingHow Hulu’s zombie-comedy ‘Little Monsters’ scored big with Lupita Nyong’o, Taylor Swift, and Star WarsHaving this mentality about time is probably stressing you outNow Facebook friends eBay, Stripe, and Mastercard are bailing on Libra tooICYMI: The president was accused of unwanted sexual contact by more than two dozen women this weekTrillion-dollar Apple hit a stock price high after Trump sent this tweet about ChinaWhat’s next for Ethiopia now that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won the Nobel Peace PrizePusha T’s ‘Succession’ remix is very good, but this comedian’s take on it is hilariousHow to manage remote work based on your personality typeThe London Underground’s beloved textiles are being rereleased for anyone to buyWhat comedians say about Elizabeth Warren’s mic drop of a joke at the Equality Town HallIs it ever okay to lie in a job interview?Frequent Jeff Bezos critic Donald Trump just joined Amazon’s TwitchAn ode to Japan’s vibrant, influential graphic design cultureHow to answer 5 common trick questions designed to trip you up in an interviewCan’t find jeans that fit? This startup will custom-make your next pair for you9 CEOs on how to say ‘no’ effectivelyThese powerful videos use people’s stories of coming out to help support the fight for civil rightsLaser cutters sold on Amazon and elsewhere are cheap, fun—and dangerousWhat operating rooms can teach us about ‘calm’ designWomen still feel they have to soften their communication at workGoogle is funding climate-change deniersThis is America’s most popular Halloween candy—and, no, it’s not candy cornCoach x The Wizard of Oz? Smartwool x Vans? Here’s how to buy this month’s coolest product collabsHow the Extinction Rebellion got its powerful, unsettling logoWho’s dead? What happened? All you need to catch up on ‘Breaking Bad’ before Netflix’s ‘El Camino’Freitag’s new ‘anti-shop’ lets you trade backpacks instead of buying a new one10 ways to actually help girls on International Day of the GirlApple is hustling to get its own 5G modem in 2022’s iPhonesApple’s ideals face a very public test in Hong Kong app controversyWatch in horror as this chart shows the growing emissions from oil and gas companies since 1965Big companies are willing to give Facebook’s Workplace a shotHow to better understand—and get the most of—your company’s customer-satisfaction scoresHow to turn valued customers into trusted, long-term partnersHow one Stanford professor uses design thinking to stay productiveCalifornia bans hotels from using tiny plastic bottlesHow New York fought to implement its ambitious climate planDyson is canceling its ambitious electric car projectThis real estate company will check that house for ghosts before you buy itThese three things are preventing your employees from collaboratingAs NBA conflict continues, Nike pulls Houston Rockets merchandise from Chinese storesYes, social media is making you miserableThis clever short film puts humanity in a museum, and our exhibit is garbageThis remix of Ellen’s pathetic defense of George W. Bush is devastatingAway is going after Americans (and their love of carry-ons) with its new bagsThe future of fashion is optimistic as LVMH bets on a mental health-focused streetwear labelI’m in a wheelchair, and this is the one thing I wish people knew about working with me5 affordable ways to bring Bauhaus design homeHow to be persistent at work without being obnoxiousHow chefs are saving us from the next potato famineThe button that could fix one of Facebook’s biggest problemsHow to ‘sell’ yourself in an interview (without seeming too promotional)Stop giving companies your phone number. Do this insteadYour sewage can reveal a lot about you—starting with your incomeApple removes two apps related to the Hong Kong protests after criticism from Chinese mediaHow making small changes to your environment can produce a big boost in your creativityIssa Rae has a new gig: the voice of Google AssistantIt sounds daunting, but here’s how we can get to net-zero emissions by 2050In the face of employee outrage, Microsoft’s GitHub scrambles to defend its new ICE contractAndy Rubin should stop designing smartphonesTo keep the lights on during California’s blackouts, people are using solar powerComcast blames ‘software error’ after charging thousands of customers for data they didn’t useMarco Rubio wants the feds to investigate TikTok, the app where teens memeYou can donate your bitcoin to UNICEF nowDid you know Facebook owns Instagram? Most Americans don’tU.S. intelligence worker charged with leaking classified secrets to journalistsDisney is using AI developed by Geena Davis to correct gender bias and lack of inclusivity in scriptsTesla owners in California get a warning to charge their cars before the power goes outChrome’s new AI feature solves one of the web’s eternal problemsYes, gratitude really does help you live a better life (and be a better person)This magnetic wallpaper won Etsy’s first global design competitionThis is what is riding on the Supreme Court’s decision on sex discriminationUber finally throws dog owners a bone with a pet ride-hailing option in some cities2 ways to learn the unspoken rules at a company before accepting a jobThis eerie light sculpture will float in the Hudson River until 2020Why pregnancy discrimination is so hard to proveRwanda just released the first smartphone made entirely in AfricaMost people don’t understand privacy, and that’s a huge opportunity for designThis volatility expert wants to help you see around cornersAs an immigrant and CEO, here’s what I’ve learned about building an inclusive cultureThis is the world’s most beautiful air conditionerThese are the questions all leaders should regularly ask themselvesBill Gates thinks these 3 factors will drive global healthWe lock our employees out of the office for one week each yearIkea’s latest launch has nothing to do with designThe world’s mayors are calling for a Global Green New DealThis map lets you check California power outages in real timeHow Soko Glam’s Charlotte Cho brought Korean beauty to AmericaThe battle for the future of e-books is happening at your local library5 must-have apps for your next business tripIs designing for Instagram hurting design?Report: Apple’s AR headset will launch early next yearThis new Skittles Halloween ad is a metaphor for our weird relationship with brandsInstacart delivery drivers say tips are mysteriously decreasing