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Twitter admits it used info shared for security to target adsCalifornia utility may cut power in 30 counties in a dramatic step to prevent wildfiresThe internet’s kangaroo court has sentenced Matt Gaetz to be mocked for his Captain Kangaroo zingerRidiculous baggage fees are keeping these budget airlines afloatHow to buy a couch in a boxOh, great! NYC law enforcement can probably hack your phone nowLululemon is helping the UN’s humanitarian aid workers take care of themselvesWatch out, AI is coming for your playlist nextIt’s not about ‘beliefs,’ Ellen: Why DeGeneres’s weak defense of George W. Bush is a denial of realityWhy you need to accept that ‘doing your best’ looks different every dayHow to get buses to run on schedule? Restrict other trafficHow deepfakes evolved so rapidly in just a few yearsEncouraging pride—not guilt—could be a key to saving the planetToys ‘R’ Us and Target are teaming up for online sales starting today9 things I learned from viewing Trump’s newest Facebook adsHow to encourage mental toughness in anyoneThis journalist spent 3 years with alt-right trolls. This is what he learnedIs gaming more important than artificial intelligence?This Lisa Frank hotel room is a time capsule for ’90s cool kidsTrump’s old lawyers really, really love Comic SansThis home goods startup wants to be an eco-friendlier Proctor & GambleAdvice from female entrepreneurs who hired their former bossesFederal judge responds to iPhone notch design lawsuit with brutal one-linerCommon mistakes people make when having a hard conversation at workMental health symptoms? Yes. Comfortable discussing them at work? NoAdobe shuts down Photoshop in Venezuela because of Trump’s sanctionsA simple thank-you note is a powerful tool—and history proves itThis 9-foot-wide office building is heaven for workplace introvertsThe world’s first combination ski slope-power plant is finally openThere’s a scary new reason not to borrow a stranger’s iPhone cableThe problem and promise of pop-culture pop-up experiencesHere’s how to enable dark mode on InstagramInstagram is ditching the ‘Follow’ tab, giving users a little more privacyThis kit of parts is designed to build cheaper, faster affordable housing on small urban lotsThe audacity of ‘South Park’ critiquing China—and Viacom backing up its hit show’s creatorsLego wants your old Legos back—so it can give them awayMaster your Mac with these 18 power tipsHow consumer products giant Unilever plans to dramatically slash its use of plasticHulu just added offline video downloads, but there’s a catchTrump Towers Istanbul gets a second look after president’s surprise Syria moveHoly cacao! There has just been an innovation in the world of chocolateYou can’t get a reservation at Rao’s, but at least you can buy its new soupsThe NBA is facing a clash between its business interests and brand identity in ChinaIf you want to improve diversity, stop asking me to “meet you where you are”Amazon’s appeal in Nevada pay dispute got rejected by U.S. Supreme CourtDomino’s Pizza was just dealt a Supreme Court blow that could reshape the ADA in the digital eraSmall farms are struggling—now there’s a crowdfunding platform for thatGreen roofs can make cities healthier and happier. Why aren’t they everywhere?There are almost 15k deepfake videos out there—and 96% of them are pornSpotify works with Siri at long lastTrue long-term career success depends on this most underrated aspect of talentThis Israeli startup is hitching a ride with NASA to make ‘space meat’The bonsai tree gets a high-tech, user-friendly redesignNonprofits focused on women and girls receive just 1.6% of all charitable givingYou can use these brain hacks to stop mind wandering. But should you?Debt-ridden GE abruptly freezes pensions on 20,000 employeesWill a bigger home make you happier? Maybe, but design can help tooThe emotionally intelligent way to deal with 5 types of coworkersFrom Netflix to digital scans, startups want to make the dentist suck lessFemale-led startups raise more VC cash than their male-dominated counterpartsThese architectural sex toys critique New York City’s new skyscrapersWhat politicians get wrong about the middle classEmail phishing scammers are getting better at mimicking your bossAfrican American men will suffer the most as automation destroys jobs once held by humansWorried about the next recession? Here’s how to prepare your design businessThe gig economy’s deepest problem isn’t about tech at allUse this simple psychological trick if productivity culture has made it impossible for you to relaxNo, you can’t live-stream SCOTUS, but here’s how you can follow oral argumentsThis new blockchain chocolate bar is brought to you by the UNThe counterintuitive way to stop second-guessing your decisionsWhy Tinder really needs you to swipe right on its first original series, ‘Swipe Night’Forget detox retreats: Mindful tech-free experiences are the new vacation trendHow Gary Gulman found the funny in clinical depression for his new HBO specialFeeling burned out at work? Here are 10 ways to find your “off switch”We’ve officially reached peak ’90s nostalgiaHow Facebook is fundamentally changing how nonprofits get moneyMake these small behavioral changes to improve your quality of lifeThe mythical iPad laptop: Apple’s forbidden fruitMicrosoft warning: Iran-linked hacking group is targeting the U.S. presidential campaignStarbucks, Google, Amazon, and more than 130 companies say killing DACA would hurt themMeet the mastermind behind The Great Baby, the weirdest government Twitter campaign everWhy being interrupted at work can (sometimes) be a good thingIn latest streaming wars move, Disney bans Netflix ads from its entertainment networksThe future of transportation is turning out to be a public health hazardMartin Scorsese on Marvel movies: “That’s not cinema”These are the 10 most energy efficient states in the U.S.Portable benefits would provide a safety net for millions of gig workersA fancy robot cop couldn’t call for help during an emergency so people just used their phonesHow to manage your workload and avoid burnoutFrank Lloyd Wright’s last home is being sold at auction with no minimumThe advice half of working women need to hearThe ultimate luxury in today’s custom homes? Disaster-proof designWhy Virgin Hyperloop One is still betting that you want to commute in a high-speed tubeDespite the controversy, plenty of smaller tech startups work with ICEFast Company Innovation Fest adds Jordan Peele, Elizabeth Banks, Meek MillWho bought the Popeyes chicken sandwich? Wealthy Gen-Xers who live aloneEverything inside this deli is made out of felt, and it’s all for saleHow to make decisions like a U.S. generalOil industry money fuels opponents of California’s auto emissions standardsThis airline just built a better airplane pillow with help from NASAWhich presidential candidate’s logo do voters like best? (It’s not Trump’s)Everything the movie ‘Joker’ is not, despite what you may have heardThis author has interviewed hundreds of whistle-blowers. Here’s what makes them tickRemember Wrinkles the Clown, the viral boogeyman for hire? This new documentary shows his dark sideWant to find a place to live that will be safe from climate change? Good luckHere’s everything you can get for free or cheap on National Taco DayHere’s why TikTok banned political advertisingThis depressing map of the Arctic lets you track 40 years of melting sea iceAt this point, cable companies are practically begging you to cut the cordSouth America’s second-largest forest is also burningThe FTC finally opens an inquiry into e-cigarette marketing practicesFocusing on money above all else was one of my worst mistakes as a CEOWith Instagram Threads, Facebook doubles down on the DMFood, clothes, utilities: How people are using their cash from the country’s biggest basic income pilotDolly Parton’s podcast will tell you more about Trump voters than any NYT trend pieceUpcoming performance review? How’s how to get the most out of itHow can a media company stay relevant in 2020?This is how Nickelback reminds Trump what he really is (an unpopular president)Why sabbaticals are more productive than unlimited vacationCEOs on old-school work habits that you should still practiceThese magical books help kids learn other languagesAirbnb’s new ‘Animal Experiences’ let you paddleboard with a corgiThinx’s first national ad campaign imagines a world where men get periods, tooProducer Brian Grazer on his secrets to emotionally intelligent conversationsA new repository of the web’s best portfolios helps you design yours like a proTracking expenses is a pain. These 5 free and simple apps can helpMeetings aren’t the biggest time waster at work. This thing is35% of the U.S. workforce is now freelancing—10 million more than 5 years agoEU court rules Facebook can be forced to take down defamatory postsThe future of packaging could be as simple as a bar of soapRead this blistering takedown of a rule that would let debt collectors blast you with text messagesApple apparently bans app that allowed Hong Kong protesters to track police movementsHow this wearable tech startup scored a starring role in Joe Rogan’s Sober October challengeForget foldable screens. Two-screen mobile devices are the futureA team of 1,000 major brands are fighting back against Amazon counterfeitsQueer Eye host and cookbook author Antoni Porowski follows Chrissy Teigen’s twitter for her repliesKroger will lay off hundreds of employees as online competition from Amazon bitesCheap smartphones have a disturbing secretCould these plastic-eating enzymes be the miracle solution to our plastic problem?Sorry, pundits: Microsoft cares more about Surface than everHangry? Maybe avoid the Chick-fil-A drive-through and try Dunkin’ insteadMelinda Gates pledges $1 billion to boost the ‘power and influence’ of women in the U.S.Does flight shaming work? This new travel survey might surprise you4 levers to build a better global policy to stop the Amazon firesThis trippy short film seamlessly combines paintings, live action, and stop-motionThe Ocean Cleanup device is finally catching plasticThese are some of the best side hustles for introvertsCharles Schwab’s $0 commissions torpedo brokerage stocks for a second dayBTS accounts for $4.65 billion of South Korea’s GDP—and other jaw-dropping stats about the supergroup3 tips on how to be more charismatic (that anyone can follow)Why won’t Jack Dorsey ban Trump from Twitter? Kamala Harris wants to knowKhasho who? One year after gruesome murder, investors embrace Saudi Arabia againHow to watch MSNBC’s 2020 Gun Safety Forum live for free onlineWill Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Westbrook Media is producing new comedy series with Topgolf StudiosCompanies know upskilling is critical. That doesn’t mean they’re doing it rightThree ways businesses can leverage Google Maps instead of compete with it for clicksThis exhibit will make you ponder your plastic addictionWhy having too many choices is making us miserableMicrosoft announces a new folding phone, tablet, and more at its big Surface eventHoliday travelers, here’s the best time to book plane tickets in 2019This savage fake subway ad turns Giuliani into local lawyer ‘Crazy Rudy’For these prisoners, designing a sensory garden was “life changing”These are the childhood traits that may impact future successSome 2020 candidates are calling for an assault weapons buyback. How would it work?Ikea’s most-hyped collaboration yet is finally hereA CEO’s hiring quandary: Pedigree or chemistry?There’s a simple way to predict what old tech will make a comeback nextAmericans have a nuanced definition of success—but think everyone else only cares about moneyHere’s how to shadow ban your Instagram bullies with the new ‘Restrict’ featureFacebook’s dreams are bold—and utterly out of whack with its realityPrepare for Silicon Valley to go full “self-care”CNN beats Fox News by one important metric, but it may not want to brag about itTerrible tippers are making underpaid delivery jobs even worseThis new Google tool protects you against dangerous passwordsWhy I hate living in my tiny houseHere’s what you should do if you want a promotion