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When (not if) a global pandemic hits, we will not be readyHonesty turned around a sour business partnership. Here’s how.4 new words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and what they say about 2019IBM just announced the 5 finalists in its competition to disrupt disaster aidWith the U.S. startup visa on hold, immigrant entrepreneurs get creativeGeorge Lucas has made more mistakes per hour than any other directorWatch Cokie Roberts confront Donald Trump on his racism before he got electedStephen Schwarzman, Trump’s China whisperer, reveals the extent of his roleYour medical records might not be safe. Here’s what you need to knowThis startup wants to rebrand acne care by highlighting zits, not hiding themSNL fired Shane Gillis. Here’s what those defending him don’t seem to getHow longer school days benefit working mothersLego rebuilds the world in first brand campaign in 30 yearsThis data viz could help cities fight back against Trump’s war on immigrantsGive NBCUniversal some credit for not entering the streaming wars with another lazy nameThis is why feminism needs to be the futureExclusive: Ford’s radical new corporate campus is a glimpse into its futureYou can rent the Downton Abbey castle on Airbnb for one night—here’s howThis is what happened when two companies swapped offices—and countriesThis ‘personal carbon sequestration’ device uses algae to remove CO2 from the airThis simple technique can help you help others more effectivelyYour iPhone battery is changing the way you live your lifeHow a grassroots group of moms helped push Walmart and other chains to act on gunsThe next iPad Pro has been leaked, and it’s very iPhone 11-ishCasper’s CBD gummies are here to help you sleep when a mere mattress isn’t enoughReviews of the new iPhone 11 are in, and they’re overwhelmingly positivePhiladelphia Cream Cheese wants you to share this bagel hole puncher on InstagramGoogle’s quantum bet on the future of AI—and what it means for humanityThis is the complete story of drag, according to Simon DoonanIt’s time to kill free return shippingFacebook is betting the next big interface is conversationSeventy years of highs and lows in the history of machine learningCould this half-bike, half-scooter create a new form of urban transit?How to rearm the creative industry to keep the consultants at bayBill Gates says we need to focus on the places where global progress is laggingIkea just invested in two giant solar farms‘Seinfeld’ is moving to Netflix in the latest round of sitcom streaming hokeypokeyThis new program lets people text to access government food aidBernie Sanders supporters are mad at Working Families Party over Elizabeth Warren endorsementHow Jeff Bezos almost bought Netflix for about $15 millionThe real cost of not wearing makeup at the officeAirline stocks nosedive after drone attacks in Saudi Arabia drive up oil pricesWhy silliness is the perfect antidote to workplace stressThe bizarre secret history of bedsStruggling J.Crew is getting left in the dust by Madewell, a brand of its own makingApply for an American Express Green Card and help the ocean along with your credit scoreThis tiny sushi shop is smaller than most American closetsSweetgreen is putting $1 million into better school lunchesThe 7-day guide to improving your social intelligenceMicrosoft’s trickiest product might be its most importantMozilla and Creative Commons want to reimagine the internet without ads, and they have $100M to do itArtificial intelligence is decades old and just getting startedWe need to stop asking working moms what happened to the babysitterThe 10 most important moments in AI (so far)Why the future of McDonald’s marketing looks a lot like Nike’sPro-vaccination parents need to be louder to fight the big platform anti-vax voices have builtThis is the new ‘blackest black’ in the world, and it was a complete accidentThe personal data of almost everyone in Ecuador has been leaked5 things to know about the United Auto Workers union strikeFacebook is launching a streaming device that watches you while you watch TVMeet the artisanal toilet-paper startups taking on Big TissueGrit Bxng brings a bar (and bitcoin) to the boutique fitness space6 concrete ways to make your office more gender equitableOxyContin drugmaker Purdue files for bankruptcyThese are all the companies participating in the climate strikeTo understand artificial intelligence in 2019, watch this 1960 TV showHere’s how ‘Misbehaving,’ the catchy ‘Righteous Gemstones’ earworm, came togetherHow to watch Ken Burns’s ‘Country Music’ documentary on PBS without cableThese 5 lists can help you achieve your career goalsI create fake videos. Here’s why people believe even the obvious onesWhat we talk about when we talk about Lana Del Rey’s ‘Norman F___ing Rockwell’Al Roker just got back from Greenland, and he’s horrified by what he saw thereHow the concept of a “hard stop” helped me gain more time in the dayFelicity Huffman gets 14 days in prison in the college admissions scandalTrump administration may strip California of its power to regulate car emissionsAndrew Yang and Donald Trump get more support than Joe Biden from Big Tech workersForests are a big part of the climate solution, but we’re not fixing the problemA shocking 73% of stories on LGBTQ websites are being flagged as unsafe for brands, survey saysBeto O’Rourke’s violent troll shows how easy it is to keep breaking Twitter’s rulesI disrupted the system, and I failed. Here’s what I learnedMicro moon! Harvest moon! Friday the 13th! Our endless lunar obsession, explainedLet’s talk about SNL’s most important new cast member: Bowen YangFemale founders question whether Americans will elect a woman president in 2020How IoT unleashes solutions for environmental goodThe unbearable maleness of Victoria’s Secret could be its undoingWhen your body calls time-outThis smart toilet seat monitors your heart health through your gluteus maximusLondon is going to use heat from the Underground to help heat its homesWhat to do if your boss is professionally ‘breadcrumbing’ youAnother reason to silence your notifications: They could alter your memoryThe business of change is changing–are you there for it?Fabric dyes are a toxic problem. These beautiful alternative colors are made out of food wasteThe five-minute email rule completely transformed the way I workNGOs need business’s help: Here are the best ways to offer supportIkea’s latest product revives a beloved relic of old-school UXPlastic-addicted Nestlé plans for a new world of sustainable packagingPeople are boycotting ABC after it ran a Republican ad that showed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on fireBasketball player and tech investor Andre Iguodala takes our career questionnaireThe Jennifer Lopez-Constance Wu movie ‘Hustlers’ shows how the world runs on strip club rulesThis coffee cup can be reused 132 times. Here’s how to try one4 common lies about performance and productivityWhole Foods will take away healthcare from some of its employees starting January 1‘Ms. Monopoly’ is not as patronizing as Hasbro’s version for millennials, but it’s not empowering eitherWhat it’s like inside the world’s largest bike parking garageProtesters chanting inaudibly at Biden during the Democratic debate were a poignant end to it all‘Are you forgetting what you just said?’ Julián Castro attacks Joe Biden’s memoryHere’s how to enter Andrew Yang’s universal basic income raffle giveawayHow I taught myself a new skill (and made money from it in the process)SmileDirectClub’s dismal first-day stock drop shows people hate online dentists tooThese two groups are the best tippersR.E.M. just dropped an unreleased song for Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the BahamasTurns out the insecticides that are bad for bees are also bad for birdsHere’s why J.J. Abrams officially inked a $500 million deal with WarnerMediaFinal issue of Washington Post’s Express newspaper gives us the brutal headline we deserveDemocratic debate live stream: How to watch on ABC without cableThe world’s most esoteric podcast has tragically lost its reason for beingJenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are launching a podcast about “The Office”LeBron got dunked on by the Trademark Office for Taco Tuesday. How he can steal back goodwillWhy you should stop fighting and start embracing your self-doubtThe design of Burning Man just keeps getting more ambitiousTaco Bell’s new vegetarian menu is here to remind you that plants are plant-based tooHow San Francisco turned its waste problem into a climate solutionWhy your work bestie leaving the office isn’t all doom and gloomScience says this is the best time to brainstorm—and it’s not when you think8 CEOs on how to stay positive in the midst of a company crisisThis new credit card is made from plastic that would have ended up in the oceanA haunting portrait of crisis in the Amazon rain forestBook this monstrous Guillermo del Toro-inspired suite on—or elseExclusive: Amazon will let anyone answer your Alexa questions nowWhat teens are asking Roo, Planned Parenthood’s new sex-ed chatbotDoctors can’t wait to get their hands on Apple Watch dataWho does AI think you are? This groundbreaking new exhibit will show youYour brain is hardwired to make lists, and we’ve been doing it for centuriesElizabeth Warren has been winning the primary election every night at this Broadway theaterAirbnb, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and Uber leaders urge an expansion of gun control lawsFrance to block Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency over fears the company is trying to privatize money1 in 4 female founders have considered running for officeThe logos of all 11 Democratic presidential candidates, rankedWhat the 3 most triggered moments of Bill Burr’s Netflix special reveal about Bill BurrGoogle launches tools to help opioid addicts with resources for their recoveryLegendary creative director Jim Moore talks Instagram, career, and the ‘GQ’ lookBono is really into drones now (but it’s good)Silicon Valley sucks at diverse hiring. Lesbians Who Tech wants to change thatInside Gucci’s ambitious plan to go completely carbon neutralWhat brain supplements can and can’t do, according to a neuroscientistThe problem with Trump’s proposed ban on flavored vaping products9/11 passes without any major screwups from brand Twitter—almostDisney scraps a Josh Gad Muppets project, and we have questions about its care of Kermit and companyHow to help the Bahamas: 9 things you can do for kids and pets after DorianThis chic gender-neutral diaper bag sold out in 24 hours, but you can still get oneThis school’s science project is 3D-printing prosthetic hands for people in needTen years ago, one of Johnnie Walker’s best-ever ads was an epic history lessonGM brake recall: Here’s what to do if you drive an affected Chevy or CadillacWhat to consider when you’re interviewing candidates with autismNew Airbus planes have high-tech sensors that track your bathroom useThree easy creative ways to advance your careerKupu, a groundbreaking app that teaches the Māori language, is scaling up to schoolsApple stopped jacking up its sky-high iPhone prices. Here’s whyHey parents, Target and Walmart are giving you a good reason to recycle your car seat right nowExtreme ways CEOs are testing soft skills in job interviewsIt’s now cheaper to build new renewables than it is to build natural gas plantsThese 4 items of clothing are too casual for almost any workplaceMIT’s new color-changing ink lets you customize your stuffBuying prescription drugs online is easier than ever. But there are side effects.The best new iPhone 11 accessories money can buyI’m a founder raising money for the first time. What’s my company worth?What is the circular economy? Here’s a perfect visual explanationThis sickening graphic shows how much plastic exists on Earth right nowWhat to do if your coworker is a psychopathGameStop will close 200 stores worldwide by the end of the yearUber and Lyft drivers are one step closer to being classified as employeesScientists are racing to reengineer the banana before it’s gone foreverApple is bringing back crazy colors after years of minimalism. Here’s why