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Your obsession with growth is hurting your businessNow is a good time to check your Facebook face recognition settingsVaping lung disease symptoms: Here’s what the CDC says to watch out forYou can now ride around national parks with a little extra electric assistanceTrading faces with Leo DiCaprio in the hot deepfake social app Zao comes with major privacy concernsBen & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor is inspired by racism in the criminal justice systemWalmart will stop selling handgun ammo, but it will still sell hunting riflesThis online store eliminated bubble wrap, and it’s a lesson for every company that ships thingsNew Yorkers lose so many AirPods, the subway may have to do a PSAEighteen-year-old Harrison McNeill made bean jokes on Twitter for fun. Now it’s his jobGoFundMe’s new site is designed to make you give more, fasterThese YouTubers used Google Maps to find the world’s longest possible footpath. It’s a doozyHow to help the Bahamas: 7 things you can do for Hurricane Dorian victims right nowThe insidious effects of ageism in the workplacePrince Harry wants to change the future of sustainable travel with TravalystWhy the logo on the back of the next iPhone may look differentFinally learning chess? This MoMA-endorsed smart board plays you like a person5 free sites and services for drumming up some extra business4 sleep excuses that you need to stop telling yourselfExclusive: Goop and Banana Republic want to talk to you about game-changing womenThis is why there are no fat kids in back to school adsTHX redesigned its iconic movie theater intro, and it’s bonkersI got a promotion, and I regretted itWhat does business casual even mean in 2019?How this former high-end chef is helping schools kick chicken nuggets off the menuThese maximalist fashion startups are Everlane’s splashier cousinsSamsung’s next foldable phone will bend into a square like a wallet8 workout products that are actually worth the splurgeThere’s a $218 billion design problem sitting in your fridge right nowHurricane Dorian flight cancellations reach the thousands todayThese startups are tackling the most frustrating women’s health issuesFacebook is testing hiding like counts from usersSpaceX is playing a game of chicken with its Starlink satellitesWill compostable packaging ever be able to solve our waste problem?How to be better allies to women of color at workThe history of Union Square, the public square that hosted the first Labor Day paradeRebecca Sugar on how Chance the Rapper and Beavis and Butt-Head influenced ‘Steven Universe: The Movie’Your boss is going to start using AI to monitor you—and labor laws aren’t readyHow to leverage your network to land your first full-time jobRing’s smart home plans would sound great if Ring itself was less frighteningHow to be ruthless with your time and support your team at the same timePersonal branding for people who hate personal branding‘It’ returns, ‘Empire’ winds down, and 134 other September movies, TV shows, albums, and books to check outThis stunning new film captures how humans have reshaped every part of the EarthThe biggest threat to Apple’s new iPhones: consumer malaiseHurricane Dorian threatens to turn hipster scooters into flying menacesHow to watch the ACC Network live online without cableEven oil companies say they don’t want to pollute as much as Trump wants them toMicrosoft-backed facial recognition firm rethinks its role in Hong KongHere’s how the latest round of Trump’s tariffs will affect you (yes, you)Netflix’s ‘Great British Baking Show’ is back—without these 7 classic character typesMuji’s brand-new pop-up is half store, half design galleryHurricane Dorian live cams will stream the storm from Florida citiesThis is why you should learn to embrace stress (rather than fight it)A visual history of the most coveted design object of all: TiarasStock photos for vaccines are dangerously bad, so this photographer redesigned themUber, Lyft, and DoorDash will spend $90 million fighting to keep drivers as contractors“Alexa, roll down the windows!” Inside Amazon’s quest to get in your carHow Quinta Brunson and ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ break down tropes for black women in comedyThe first car painted with the world’s “blackest black” is deeply unsettlingGetting ‘picked’ last wasn’t fun at school. Don’t let it happen in your careerAre you ready to join the fight against the coming of the Anthropocene?Even if you hate your job, you can use it to build a career you loveHospitals are being rebuilt for a new era of mega-stormsThe ultimate guide to packing a waste-free lunchGoogle discovered websites that could hack your iPhone just by visiting themThis tech worker’s transition from a life sentence to a career is a lesson for the whole industryThese CEOs work 40 hours or less a week (and think you should too)How to maintain a sense of control when you have too many things going onRed-light traffic deaths keep rising. Is distracted driving to blame?New Orleans just pulled a Mazda and a sofa out of a storm drainHurricane Dorian threatens Disney World at the worst possible time for Star Wars: Galaxy’s EdgeNike just created a high-tech shoe that you can control with SiriDave Chappelle’s new Netflix special proves he’s too obsessed with cancel culture to write good jokesBeloved pandas could get caught up in Trump’s trade war with ChinaBill Gates explains why he’s backing companies that change how we buildWhat James Comey’s Trump memo handling says about his approach to data securityThink twice before referring all your friends to your companyTrump tweets 2020 campaign logo linked to alt-right and white supremacy groupsHow Seattle is making it possible for everyone to plug in their EVApple finally caves on a long-fought battle over third-party iPhone repairsHow to bring up your activism in an interviewThese heartbreaking sculptures of nature are made out of the microplastics killing itWhy trust is critical to the future of fintechInside Steinway Piano’s secret underground vaultThese are the times when thinking about the future is unproductiveThese mental health companies want to get you in the chair5 common ways that leaders (unintentionally) create conflictExclusive: The Obamas’ Netflix doc ‘American Factory’ to launch nationwide social-impact tourHere’s how the iPhone would look if Apple had designed it in the 1980sHow to pack for any trip in just a carry-on suitcaseHow to address the pitfalls of remote workPinterest is escalating its fight against anti-vaxxers as measles surge in the U.S.Walmart’s robot army has arrivedThis is how Who What Wear’s Katherine Power creates Target brands customers loveInside Safdie Architects’ $1.3 Billion Jewel Changi Airport ComplexThe TSA has banned Star Wars “thermal detonator” Coke bottles from flightsFacebook doesn’t actually let you unlink your Instagram accountDo you live in a ‘soft city’? Here’s why you probably want toThis environmental nonprofit just started a venture fund to put $200 million into conservation businessesHere’s the plan to cut food waste in half by 2030Thanks, anti-vaxxers: The U.S. now is in danger of losing its measles elimination statusPinterest continues its crackdown on health misinformationWho will be impacted by Hurricane Dorian? This map will tell youYouTube Kids will finally get its own website this weekHere’s how Kia and Mercedes are cashing in on your driving stressAva DuVernay’s star-studded new film is free to watch at home right now (but only today)Material kitchen takes on All-Clad copper pans as the DTC kitchenware wars heat upMarriott, the world’s largest hotel chain, just moved to eliminate 500 million small bottlesDrinking beer and killing virtual deer is now a good way to save America’s wildlifeManagers, your obsession with results is hurting your team’s performanceApple apologizes for listening to Siri recordings, makes it an opt-in featureThis is what it takes to get more women leaders in the workplaceIn a surprising move, Lord & Taylor just got sold to Le Tote for $100MSalvete, discipuli: Duolingo is now offering Latin lessonsExactly how to build your tribe when you’re working soloThe ‘barefoot architects’ who are transforming China’s left-behind rural villagesGreta Thunberg arrives in New York. Retrace her inspiring journey hereBeautiful drawings reveal millions of Wi-Fi signals all around usIs TikTok a time bomb?How to talk to your boss about emotional laborThe next phase of retail: Adidas is turning influencers into sneaker salespeopleAnyone can climb up the side of a new building coming to Tokyo4 rising comics explain the thrilling, grueling Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where everyone wants to be the next ‘Fleabag’With new lifestyle features, Fitbit wants to be your everythingI may be getting sued. Should I tell my would-be investors?This voice-controlled standing desk is an innovation in annoying your coworkers8 office icebreakers that won’t make you cringeThese graphene-coated clothes protect you from mosquito bitesThis startup is radically changing how smartphones are builtHow to make an actually effective to-do list if you’re a procrastinatorThe 5 best wireless headphones . . . that aren’t AirPodsChinese agents are using LinkedIn to recruit foreign spiesHow do we save the planet? Solve these two problems first