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We need to change our perception about what it means to have a successful career in techThese are the 10 best places to buy a vacation home, and they’re not where you’d guessMercedes-Benz might track your car’s location if you don’t make your paymentsUnchecked capitalism is causing the collapse of NYC’s power grid, monopoly critic saysFacebook is looking for a few good humans for its news departmentHow Copenhagen plans to reach carbon-neutral status in just six yearsKanye’s ‘Star Wars’-themed homeless shelter could get the Death Star treatmentThis is how the cover letter has evolved throughout the yearsThese apps for good were made by teenage girls from around the worldYou could sleep in this giant sandcastle at Coney Island thanks to Booking.comI was sexually harassed at work. Here’s my advice for internsVertical landfills and DNA storage towers: 6 wild concepts for tomorrow’s skyscrapersBuilding an inclusive environment requires training people to engage with discomfortOf course, people are trying to ‘buy Greenland’ on GoFundMe to spite TrumpMove over Lego: The next big collectable toy powerhouse is hereThe Apple Card launches today for all you Apple diehards in the U.S.Your bad boss is having real consequences on your health7 simple landscape designs that make cities better for everyoneThe problem with autonomous cars that no one’s talking aboutYou only have 11 days left to watch the world’s oldest webcam before it’s shut off for good4 former interns look back at exploitation, power dynamics, and ultimate career payoffThe East Coast is sinking under water—this photographer is documenting it as it disappearsGo inside a new store devoted to Ikea hackingCofounder and CEO of Food52 Amanda Hesser shares the books that inspired her to pursue a career in food‘Pose’ co-creator Steven Canals on why intention matters for inclusive storytelling: ‘We aren’t just a trend’Apple’s Apple TV+ streaming service will reportedly launch in November for $9.99/monthThis adorable cargo bike is a mini school bus for preschoolersTwitter bans advertising from state-run media after disinformation about Hong KongThe 10 fastest-growing jobs for women are not what you thinkHackers mess with Texas in widespread ransomware attack on at least 23 targetsWhy do synthetic chemicals seem more toxic than natural ones?Daniel Pantaleo fired: 5 years after Eric Garner’s death, NYPD officer is outGuilty about flying? Lufthansa airlines will let you buy a clean conscienceThis nonprofit is teaching children philanthropy like it was any other kids’ activityAT&T TV is here, but cord cutters should read the fine print before signing upOn World Humanitarian Day, listen to harrowing stories from people who live the refugee crisisThese 3 weird tricks have helped me beat work procrastinationA fan used 13,000 LEGOs to build this amazing, life-size, fully operational claw machineMIT Media Lab director apologizes for accepting funds from Jeffrey EpsteinTarget gets whole-food fever with Good & Gather, a grocery brand of 2,000 itemsThis beautiful but terrifying new footbridge has a gap in the middleThe worst financial advice I’ve ever gottenThis brilliant hydroponic system puts a whole garden on your countertopThis is how to tell if your boss really likes youSpotify Parcast just launched a new daily true-crime podcast for all you crime junkiesDon’t wait for a life-changing event to change jobsHow Adobe turns cutting-edge research into everyday featuresThe untold story of America’s brilliant national parks brandingAmerica’s top CEOs say they are no longer putting shareholders before everyone elseThis is how the intern economy is shaping the future of workHow we’ll travel in 2050I took an internship at 30, and it was the best move of my careerToday, Elon Musk is worried about asteroidsTwitter is displaying ads by Chinese state-run media condemning the Hong Kong protestsFacebook has coffee shops now. It’s only the beginning of the branded city of the futureTech billionaires haven’t killed Burning Man’s anti-capitalist spirit—but influencers mightTimeline: Burning Man’s tumultuous pastSpotify’s Premium Family plan gets parental controls to block songs with explicit contentSkip’s new scooter has swappable batteries to make it more sustainableWelcome to housing Twitter, the shoutiest debate on the internetTrump says Tim Cook made a ‘compelling case’ that tariffs will hurt Apple5 Google Maps tricks to make your travels more efficient, fast, and funHere’s how to cultivate a work environment that produces great ideasWould you dare fly with this $30,000 heirloom roller bag?It’s tempting to compare HBO’s ‘Righteous Gemstones’ and ‘Succession,’ so let’s do itTake these 5 critical steps to protect yourself from cybercrimeHow celebrity shout-out startup Cameo is trying to turn its 15 minutes into full-fledged stardomHow to help buy school supplies: 9 easy things you can do for kids and teachers in needThese are the 3 potential pitfalls of managing upThe world’s largest rooftop farm will open soon in ParisThis is what many B2B companies are doing wrong when they build productsWhy we don’t want you and your Android green bubbles in our iMessage chatApple doubles down on stopping ad tech companies from stalking youDisturbing report documents sexual harassment at Levi’s and Lee factoryDrop that Tyson’s chicken patty! It might be contaminated with a ‘mechanical gasket’Nike got called out for discriminating against pregnant athletes. Now it’s changing its policyHow to watch CNN’s special ‘The Age of Amazon’ online without cableWhy we need better, bigger data to help combat food waste3 ways to train yourself to be more empathetic (and less biased)Twitter is testing a way to make unwanted DMs less obnoxiousSupreme Court set to hear first 2nd Amendment case in a decade: Here’s what’s at stakeHere are some real (and unreal) problems Trump has somehow blamed on the ‘Fake News Media’A Bluetooth encryption flaw could let hackers spy on your connectionsDoodling at work could help you be more productiveIt took a public outcry for the EPA to realize that animal-killing cyanide bombs are a bad ideaStreaming service BroadwayHD gets Janis Joplin fever for Woodstock’s 50th3 ways managers can better support working parentsDisney’s ‘Mulan’ already facing boycott after its star supported Hong Kong police over protestersWhy this Google product manager left to work on criminal justice reformThese Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Domino’s logo mash-ups will break your brainA Royal Marines vet’s tips for teams performing under pressureThe Ocean Cleanup device has been redesigned—and is almost ready to try againWhat the Toronto Blue Jays can teach us about long-term thinkingInfographic: What is America’s most hated sandwich?5 lies you’ve been told about time managementThis AI generates fake news about anything you want. Try it!Facebook thinks a free latte will trick you into believing it cares about your privacyApple will almost certainly unveil the iPhone 11 on September 10Desus and Mero riff on their friends, from AOC to Cardi BThe future of the global shipping industry is . . . bikesHow Desus and Mero make their late-night show feel off the cuff—and why Twitter should be shut downFrom ‘Boyhood’ to ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette,’ director Richard Linklater reveals four storytelling secretsLego’s message to parents: Playtime benefits you as much as your kidsCVS faces boycott threats after dispute with birth-control delivery startup Pill ClubGE hits back after scathing report calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron’3 nonprofit rebrandings that show the power of design in amplifying a missionLangogo is an AI-powered, pocket-size translator that travels with youPumpkin Spice Spam: Fake news becomes unfortunate realityThis organization started offering free showers to homeless people in San Francisco. Now it’s inspiring a movementCharter and Disney are going to crack down on cable password sharingNest users are mad about Google’s new privacy policy regarding camera status lightsVirgin Galactic is throwing open the doors to its Spaceport America headquartersIt’s snowing plastic in the Arctic nowThis villa offers ‘forest therapy’ in the middle of a cityIt’s easy to lose focus on goals. Here’s how to stay self-disciplinedFinally, a Google Doodle really worth your drunken attentionSome hero turned the fake movie from ‘The Office’ into a high-octane action thrillerGoogle Assistant now helps family members boss each other aroundThis cat font rules (and dog fonts drool)Beautycon evolves beyond makeup5 times when using paper and a pen is better than using an appMore employers are considering hiring people with criminal recordsThe humble shipping container home gets a luxurious upgradeThese are the funniest passport photos we’ve ever seenThis is the system that helps me achieve Inbox Zero every dayHow Melbourne revolutionized how cities can switch to renewable powerMind-reading technology is closer than you thinkThis adult diaper company wants to sell CBD to your parentsYoung people in the Midwest are suffering major breathing problems after vaping—and no one knows whyProfessional lacrosse player Myles Jones works out to Drake and FutureAmazon’s algorithm is reading a new emotion on faces: fearClip this tiny gadget to your backpack and get real-time reports of the air quality around youHow Shake Shack’s director of brand communications got her jobThese are the 4 surprising lessons I learned when I started managing people for the first timeExclusive: See 300 items Target is rereleasing from its designer collaborations8chan owner Jim Watkins gets Congressional subpoena after mass shootings linked to’s stock price tanks after CEO’s bizarre, cryptic remarksAT&T and T-Mobile’s plan to end our robocall nightmares doesn’t go far enoughHow hunger-fighting orgs have used DoorDash to help save 1 million pounds of food from landfillsWhat is the “inverted yield curve”? Here’s why investors are suddenly talking recessionToday in trolling Trump: What if 45 lived on President Barack H. Obama Avenue?Take a tour of Google Earth with speakers of 50 different indigenous languagesHow we learned to live with smelly citiesGas pump thieves should be very afraid of this security app that detects credit card skimmersGoogle will give out $3 million in cash to victims after the next natural disaster in the U.S.British Airways is testing a high-tech way to make you forget you’re on British AirwaysWeWork IPO filing: Losses, risks, and platitudesThese are the most surprising apps for professional networkingStock photos of hackers are hilariously bad. OpenIdeo wants you to redesign themHow I turned a college savings plan into a collaboration hub for womenThe weirdest VR experience yet could make you happierThis is the computer you’ll wear on your face in 10 yearsTalent quandary: To promote from within, or hire externally?The original Kindle was crazyReduce the Hype, and Find a Plan: How to Adopt an AI StrategyYour productivity obsession might be making you less productive13 books from high school worth rereading as an adultThe 19th-century origins of today’s biggest beauty mythAmazon’s face-recognition tool falsely matched California lawmakers to mugshots, ACLU saysElon Musk and Tesla are impossible to root for, but we’re doing it anywayThe real reason Snap changed its logoThe FAA is banning some MacBook Pros from flights—here’s whyThis new ‘think and do tank’ is training the next generation of innovative policymakersThis plane can fly 500 miles, powered entirely by hydrogenThe ultimate guide to WhatsApp’s powerful privacy optionsHow to tell if the FAA has banned your defective MacBook Pro from flying