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Sorry, cord-cutters: The CBS-Viacom merger will make streaming pricierApple and Spotify may finally start playing nice—with Siri at leastThese CEOs say Big Tech should take responsibility for spreading white supremacist terrorismSay hello to ViacomCBS, but maybe don’t go to the website yetHere’s how the delightful trailer for Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’ compares to the zillion previous adaptationsKellogg’s Rice Krispies made sensory love notes to support kids with autismTrump’s China tariffs on electronics are now delayed until just before ChristmasWhy Bill Gates learned to cook a barbecue chickenHow hobbies can improve your happiness and productivity at workThis wild new bridge is based on a forgotten wonder of Victorian engineeringHere’s which junk food-eating Democrats won the Iowa State Fair, according to this hilarious videoThe origami kayak is back, and it’s lighter (and cheaper) than ever6 reasons cash-free retail stores are bad for consumers, according to the ACLUAhead of its IPO, Postmates starts offering no-strings perks for couriersHow to dress for every stage of your careerHow to get people to say ‘yes’ to an important meetingBreathing dirty city air is as bad for your lungs as smokingCord cutting just took its biggest bite out of cable yetUnder pressure from LGBTQ community, IMDb finally lets people remove birth namesYou asked for a raise and didn’t get one. Now what?5 of the biggest myths about 3D printingSnap’s redesigned Spectacles are here—and it doesn’t care if you buy themDasani’s new water vending machine is BYOB (bring your own bottle)Why ‘inclusive’ workplaces still make fat people feel invisibleThe hidden pay gap no one talks about: being left-handedResearch shows that childless couples are more likely to divide household labor equallyThe surveillance state has invaded our cars. Why don’t we care?If you’re willing to drink this subpar beer, you might get free rent for a yearMountain Dew insulted Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and its cool apology won it 300,000 fans for lifeThis celebrated startup vowed to save lives with AI. Now, it’s a cautionary taleDesigner Misha Nonoo has read ‘The Alchemist’ five timesWhy is left-handedness so rare? It comes down to these 2 wordsHong Kong International Airport cancels all departures for the second day in a rowThat amazing scene in ‘GLOW’ S3 that we’re all buzzing about? It was Geena Davis’s ideaWhen will the first social enterprise have a huge IPO?How technology is changing the face of retailSimulation is a Game-Changer in the Real WorldVerizon sells Tumblr for a pittance of what it was once worthHere’s how Trump’s new green card rules could hurt low-income immigrantsBill Nye partners with Google Chromebook to explain the science of fearThe Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight: Here’s how to watchInside Chobani’s massive, sustainable new innovation centerHow Mercy Corps and Destination: Home partner with Cisco to strengthen communitiesCarnival Cruise Line earns its worst-ever CDC inspection score with the Fantasy shipThis university just banned beef at campus cafeteriasTrump just gutted the law that saved American bald eagles from extinctionCelebrity Cruise’s Flora is an eco-friendly bet the company can turn the tide on cruisingThis is why you’re addicted to being busyThis startup created compostable plastic wrap that’s made from shellfish shellsStop throwing away your cooking grease—this kit turns it into soap in minutesApple TV+ drops the first teaser for Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon’s Very Serious Drama ‘The Morning Show’Watching a baseball game taught me more about leadership presence than any self-help bookThe battle for India’s $32 billion furniture market heats up‘Catcher in the Rye’ is finally going to be an e-book. Here’s why it took so longWhen should you visit the national parks? This data viz shows how to avoid the crowdsThis is how to fight fake news at work in a post-trust era4 reasons why it pays to get better at small talkNike’s first shoe subscription, two years in the making, is hereWhy we dress the way we do at workThese 5 great alternative search engines do what Google can’tI spent a day riding a bike made entirely of old Nespresso podsHong Kong International Airport cancels all flights due to anti-government protestsThe community hub of the future isn’t a library or a shopping center. It’s city hall‘Kitten Lady’ Hannah Shaw’s creative approach to making you care about saving kittiesHackers can use an SQLite database vulnerability to take over an iPhone via the Contacts appGreat, now your DSLR camera can be hit by ransomware attacksDozens of people have been arrested at a #JewsAgainstICE protest at NYC Amazon Books storeThis high-tech e-bike warns you if a car zooms into your blind spotHere’s how to stop your job search from consuming all your time and energyFostering Innovation by Empowering the Modern WorkforceThe death of this indie ad agency should be a wake-up call to brand marketersThe simple practice that can help you make better decisionsJeffrey Epstein dead: Here’s what we know so farHBO’s ‘Los Espookys’ creator and ‘SNL’ writer Julio Torres can help you be more creativeStop blaming video games for mass killingsAmazon’s ‘Free Meek’ chronicles Meek Mill’s legal saga and the investigators who cracked the caseThe more fast food you drive by on your commute, the more likely you are to be overweightThis is what job seekers think about CEOs who take a stand on social issuesAre ‘deplorables’ the villains in ‘The Hunt’? Watch the trailer and decide for yourselfSerious Ford recall affects 2020 Explorer and Lincoln Aviator with missing partFoot Locker and Nike want to supercharge your sneaker shopping with ‘Power’ retail storesWhat innovative marketers can teach us about the power of A/B testingSurprise, your next customer is closer than you thinkThe GOP and Republican groups won’t advertise on Twitter over bias claimsWhen you should aim for ‘good enough’ rather than perfectionDon Jr.’s visit to luxury resort ‘prelaunch’ in Indonesia revives conflict-of-interest concernsDelta’s ban on pit bulls just got overturned by some dog-loving fedsDiscord now has a private alternative to Twitch game streaming5 signs that you’re being manipulated in the workplaceFive years after Ferguson, let’s make sure frontline activists don’t become ‘living casualties’Amazon investigating whether your Alexa was made with child laborThis fake Ikea manual explains Sweden’s laws to Trump in a way he’ll understand: picturesThe 20th-century designer whose work could help cities survive in this centuryWhy the backlash against Equinox? Perhaps because Stephen Ross is such a rarityBehind the scenes with March For Our Lives as they shift tactics and mature a movementHaving trouble delegating? These 3 questions can helpWhat not to do in the meeting roomYou need to let go of wanting more if you want to get ahead in your careerGulp. Your reusable coffee mug may be just as bad for the environment as a disposableScientists made vodka from grain grown at Chernobyl, and it’s totally drinkable and doesn’t glowThis YouTuber redesigned the logos of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Folgers—and they’re brilliantSilicon Valley’s quest to build the wellness community of the futureI’m one of the rare few who needs only 4 hours of sleep per nightAfter mass shooting in its store, Walmart takes action by banning video game displays, not gunsiOS 13’s new Bluetooth privacy feature is important—but confusingTall buildings are leaving cities in darkness. These architects have a radical fixHuawei just unveiled HarmonyOS, its answer to Android—and TrumpThe creators of Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ explain what you need to know before bingeing on season 3Smokey Bear is 75: Look back at his legacy—and see his new life as an emojiThese startups aim to smash Apple and Google’s smartphone duopolyWe keep falling for phishing emails, and Google just revealed whyThis is what I learned about resilience when I was diagnosed with a chronic illnessUpdated: Roku is rethinking its answer to Alexa and SiriIn a big blow to Facebook, court lets class-action lawsuit over biometric data move forwardThis California city just voted to give a $30 minimum wage to Uber and Lyft driversHow 5G and other innovations are improving the customer experienceUber’s stock drives right off a cliff after earnings show worse-than-expected lossesThe power of “cross training”—an innovative twist on corporate-college partnershipsThis time it’s personal!Chase Bank just forgave all the credit card debt on these Canadian Visa cardsArizona is moving from tea to THC with vape pens and gummiesSesame Street’s autistic muppet, Julia, was a huge success—why some of her developers are now cutting tiesIkea has been good for Sonos’s businessMeet, which wants to do for podcasters what Shopify did for Kylie JennerFeminist sexual wellness brand Sustain just got acquired by GroveFacebook’s foray into video subscriptions is way behind Amazon and AppleReport: WhatsApp security flaws let people put words in your mouthYour obsession with learning might be holding you backThe world’s first fully recyclable wet suit could save oceans—it just needs to be inventedThis map collects the world’s lost monuments. But it’s more than ruin pornDo this one simple thing to be happierBlueprints for successWhy Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield is taking his chugging talents to BodyArmorA love letter to Italian design, in 26 household objectsHow to combat procrastination, based on your personality type7 ways emotionally intelligent people handle workplace pressureThis elegant furniture is made out of dead bike-share bikesGoogle may just have solved podcasting’s discovery problemSequins are terrible for the environment. A greener (and sparklier) alternative is hereDealing with the death of a colleague in the workplace“Dammit Siri, I wanted baby wipes, not disinfectant wipes!”Google Maps’ AR walking directions come to iPhones and non-Pixel devicesThe world’s ugliest architecture gets a stunning transforms how the 1% really live into entertainmentGay dating apps Grindr and Romeo can expose user locations, leaving men vunerable to hate crimesThis startup wants to put a free tiny house in your backyardThe UN says that we have to completely transform how we use land and grow foodNew York Sports Club trolls Equinox over fallout surrounding owner Stephen Ross’s ties with Donald TrumpHow treating work like summer camp can improve your team’s performanceIf Samsung says the headphone jack is dead, it’s deadTucker Carlson’s downplaying of white supremacy reinvigorates year-long boycott effortLyft’s stock gets whiplash after strong earnings are dampened by lockup newsElizabeth Warren says she’d spend $85 billion on a New Deal-style public broadband effortSamsung’s Galaxy Note gets bigger and pricier (and smaller and cheaper)Creepy IBM warning: Hackers could put tiny spying tools in packages shipped to your houseWhat will it take to break our plastic addiction?Amazon’s AWS will help health researchers diagnose patients and monitor diseaseSubway is testing a Beyond Meat plant-based meatball marinara sandwichYour SoulCycle and Equinox memberships may inadvertently help reelect TrumpThe Museum of Weed in Los Angeles is a marketing hitIs Alexa talking too fast? Now you can slow it down (or speed it up) with these commandsThis crazy, color-morphing jacket mimics natural camouflage. The price? $995Microsoft may be listening to your translated Skype calls, just like every other tech companyIf you’re serious about building an inclusive workplace, it should extend to how you fire peopleExclusive: Equinox adds in-home equipment and streaming classes to compete with PelotonWoodstock 50 is dead, but you can still celebrate hippiedom with this outdoor production of ‘Hair’The latest thing in VR? A face mask that makes it feel like you’re underwaterYou should think more about how you onboard your newest hiresH&M, Zara, and other fashion brands are tricking shoppers with vague sustainability claimsFounders should stop freaking out about maintaining a startup cultureThis is the world’s worst UI—and it speaks volumes about design todayPodcast hitmakers Pineapple Street Media and Cadence13 acquired by EntercomThis nontoxic lawn care startup wants to take on RoundupThe billion-dollar race to invent a wearable air conditionerHomelessness is already a crisis—but climate change makes it much worseGoogle has a secret design library. Here are 35 of its best booksHow to follow up after a job interview without being annoyingWalgreens is closing 200 stores across AmericaFacebook removed the Area 51 invasion event by ‘mistake’Are these fireproof, hurricane-proof geodesic domes the post-climate change house of the future?What “middle-class” looks like in 4 U.S. citiesThere’s a simple way to give 20 million Americans access to parks: Let them use school playgrounds