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Leana Wen wanted to broaden Planned Parenthood’s mandate. Now she’s out as presidentCES 2020 gets a dress code, sex toys, and more diversity programmingEmails show that ICE uses Palantir technology to detain undocumented immigrants: WNYC reportSenators tee off on Facebook cryptocurrency chief in banking hearingInstacart drivers fear that hiding customer addresses puts them at riskOur favorite Twitter reactions from this year’s Emmy nomineesBusch wants to save forests with the promise of unlimited beerHere’s how we can make sure that every child has the opportunity to go to the moonSerious eye-drop recall hits CVS, Walgreens, Walmart: Here’s what to knowFast Company is hiring a design writerI’m at the T-Mobile. I’m at the Taco Bell. I’m at the combination T-Mobile and Taco BellWhy MIT’s social tech incubator is launching an investment fundElon Musk’s SpaceX hosts unveiling of VR Hyperloop so you can glimpse the future of travelHow Spotify and other popular apps trick you into doing free laborA Telegram chat may (rightfully) bring down Puerto Rico’s governorWhat you look like as a Renaissance painting, according to AIYou’re missing out by not hiring autistic workers. Here’s how to ensure that they thrive at workPeople are flooding Instagram with pink clouds to drown out grisly images of slain teenSlow to embrace diversity in the workplace? It’s probably affecting business.Pottery Barn is releasing a “Friends” collection (including Rachel’s apothecary table)This new podcast studio wants to put modern L.A. stories in your earsWork at one of these 10 companies if you want a job you actually likeThe fashion industry is secretly obsessed with your backsideMillennials on their best advice for Gen Z job seekersWhy HubSpot is introducing a free email marketing serviceHere are the questions Congress should ask Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google at today’s antitrust hearingHow this program turns ordinary teens into tech superheroesThis quiz can help you determine if your strong work ethic is actually work addictionYou’ve heard of slow TV. Snøhetta’s latest project is slow tourismArea 51 invasion force reaches 1.2 million brave souls, making it the world’s fourth-largest “army”Ayn Rand, Leonard Nimoy, and Muhammad Ali told Neil Armstrong what to say as he stepped on the MoonThis historic map of 6 million syllabi reveals how college is changingAbigail Disney rails against the company after finding staff have to forage garbage for foodHow Big Data can help you choose better health insuranceViral petitions all have these 3 things in commonA brief history of not being able to edit your tweetsCorporations still aren’t doing enough to stop deforestationWhat this CEO has learned from hiring people with criminal backgroundsHalo Top wants you to eat your sorrows away in an ice cream–themed ski lodgeProtesters are gathering at Hawaii’s Mauna Kea in a final attempt to stop a giant telescopeBurger King has fun ‘game’ for customers: Guess if your burger is meatHere are all the ways people are protesting Amazon on Prime DayWhat the man who ‘groomed’ King Kong can teach you about a successful careerMarriott loyalty points can now help aspiring thought leaders with their TED TalksThis tech uses cell signals to help drivers not run over pedestriansKamala Harris and Pramila Jayapal want to give domestic workers full workplace rightsReport: WhatsApp had security flaw that could let hackers alter photos and videosStriking Amazon workers mean Prime Day shopping is crossing a virtual picket lineThis home designed for four generations is a glimpse at the future of housingThis graph shows what it’s actually like to be a freelancerHow can we know if a company is good if we don’t know what they’re lobbying for?The ultimate summer reading list for hipsters is hereThe one thing that’s better than work-life balanceOffset, DJ Khaled, Russell Westbrook, and the brave new world of celebrity digital avatars5 myths you’ve been told about first impressionsThe space industry is booming again. This media company wants to be its voiceThere’s a new AI that can guess how you feel just by watching you walkI filed for bankruptcy, and it was the best decision I madeThe best Amazon Prime Day alternative sales from Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and eBayThe improbable story of the bra-maker who won the right to make astronaut spacesuitsEquinox Hotels CEO Chris Norton says sleep is so important, he built an entire hotel experience around itHow Uber quietly redesigned its interface for the rest of the worldFlorida’s DMV is selling drivers’ personal information to bill collectors and data brokersEurope’s GPS sat-nav alternative Galileo goes downThis video documents the beautiful Mexican town that will disappear if they build the border wallAmazon Prime Day is a cheap knockoff of Alibaba’s Singles DayThe race to the Moon was so unpopular at one point, President Eisenhower called JFK ‘nuts’That new productivity tool is stressing out your teamWimbledon live stream 2019: How to watch the men’s final on ESPN without cableStunning photos and videos of NYC’s blackoutMassive NYC power outage slows midtown Manhattan to a crawl, cripples subwaysThese two comedians are DESTROYING internet culture—and it’s hilariousApollo 11 really landed on the Moon—and here’s how you can be sure (sorry, conspiracy nuts)What most Americans are looking for in a new home: solar panelsHow to watch the 2019 Wimbledon women’s final live on ESPN without cable3 ways to deal with conflict more productivelyApple Maps is catching up to Google Maps. Here’s how it can beat itFacebook gets its $5 billion slap on the wrist. Now will it change its ways?The EPA wants to approve a pesticide that could hurt beesUnited Airlines is canceling 45 flights a day due to Boeing’s ill-fated 737 Max planesThe D.C. Attorney General subpoenas the NRA’s finances, looking into its nonprofit statusProductivity Confidential: Beyond The Cubicle – Design Thinking For The Office (podcast)For some reason Pottery Barn is putting out a ‘Friends’ collectionIkea is closing its only U.S. factoryTurbocharge your marketing strategyThis monthly subscription offsets your personal carbon footprintWhat women entrepreneurs think about gender diversity and quotasBig Tech’s favorite lawmakers are backing an overhaul of the green card programChina’s air pollution is so bad that solar panels don’t work anymoreWould you let an Amazon robot into your house?This is exactly what women want at work (and it’s super simple)Tropical Storm Barry live cams let you track its dangerous path through the GulfThis is the funniest animated short about a dead bird you’ll ever seeAn astrophysicist explains one of the most famous album covers of all timeHow to stop your people-pleasing behavior from limiting your successI turned my procrastination habit into a productivity hackI have more than $50,000 in student loan debt. This is how I’m paying it offThe best idea for Notre-Dame has nothing to do with the spireIkea’s new limited-edition collection could make moving suck lessAmerica has fallen out of love with the suburbs6 executives on what no one ever told them about breastfeeding at workThe best and worst ads that celebrated the Apollo 11 Moon landingYou’re getting screwed on Amazon Prime Day400,000 people have joined a Facebook event pledging to raid Area 51R. Kelly has been arrested on federal sex trafficking chargesApple is spending $15 million an episode on its Jason Momoa sci-fi drama ‘See’My search for compostable Ziplocs shows the huge branding problem for sustainable productsThese are the Prime Day deals Amazon is offering on its Kindles, Echos, and Fire tabletsYouTube offers creators new ways to make a buck (and do some good)Today in obvious news: Legal weed puffs up snack salesEven after his arrest, scientists were more than happy to take money from Jeffrey EpsteinThese concept ads are great ideas for social good campaigns that don’t exist yetTwitter suffers global crash on White House Social Media DayThe humble desk toy gets reimagined for 24/7 work cultureEven when it comes to Texas Hold’em, card sharks can’t outbluff the AIThis blind skater is doing tricks thanks to this cool sound-based techMayor Pete Buttigieg makes D.C. statehood part of his ‘black empowerment’ planAmazon is going to train 100,000 workers in these 6 areas of techNow Betsy DeVos is being accused of thwarting Bush-era student loan reliefWhat having more women astronauts could mean for space explorationRussia, Venezuela, China have explored using blockchain to evade sanctions: reportI watched Amazon’s Prime Day concert—and it made me want to shop for a new planetWhen you talk to Google Assistant, a human might get to listenHow to find fulfillment in a job that bores youWhy we need creative spaces—and what we lose when their impresarios are goneThis new game challenges you to save a city from being engulfed by rising seasRobot umpires make their professional baseball debutYou probably don’t know what your coworkers think of you. Here’s how to change thatIf the U.S. won’t end gun violence, it should at least pay for the survivor’s recoverySee the rare drawings of a 19th-century female botanist, remastered for the first timeFor most 2020 candidates, bitcoin campaign contributions are too much of a headacheHighly skilled freelancers contributed over $135 billion to the economy—now they need protectingThese bookshelves are designed to last your entire lifeThe NBA just invested in this hot AI startup to train and find its next crop of global superstarsSummer is secretly the best time to focus on career developmentI couldn’t tell this delicious lab-grown ice cream didn’t come from a cowHow Etsy taught style to an algorithm5 lies you’ve been told about acing a job interviewThese solar panels don’t just generate power—they produce drinking waterWhat to expect at Trump’s “social media summit” todayApple might be planning to ditch Face ID in iPhonesHurricane Barry live path: 4 ways to track the dangerous Gulf storm in real timeDone with Facebook and Twitter? Try building your own private social networkThis is the scariest, most counterintuitive thing astronauts had to do in spaceFor new tech like VR to thrive, we need to put it in the hands of diverse storytellersDon’t call me a lawyer—I am a “legal engineer”Apple disables key Apple Watch feature due to eavesdropping concernsHow GE invested in fossil fuels, and missed the opportunity to be a clean energy giantWhy Jared Leto loves being the dumbest person in the room and what Elon Musk taught himHow Darren Aronofsky and astronauts are taking on the environmental crisisFor HBO Max, streaming technology is anything but a commodity‘Now Pay Us!’ Photos from NYC’s World Cup victory parade capture a mood—and a movement5 ways Megan Rapinoe is the hero America needs right nowNY governor signed an equal pay law before the U.S. Women’s Soccer victory paradeIn this Nebraska town, superpowered algae is the latest cash cropThese are the 10 most visible brands in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ season threeField Notes’s latest release is a love letter to our national parksStarbucks wants you to suck down 3 days’ worth of sugar in one Tie-Dye FrappuccinoThis is the most creative way to use a boring condo balconyHow a century-old luxury brand like Gucci won over Gen ZRIP Herbie: A very brief timeline of the VW BeetleWould you drink pea gin if it helped solve climate change?How to get dark mode on TumblrYou bought the f***ing latte. Now what?The Nintendo Switch is getting a cheaper and more portable ‘Lite’ versionShanghai’s old streets are vanishing, and this artist is racing to document themMentorship, vulnerability, and other business tips you can learn from DrakeFighting Flu in the Workplace Starts NowFrom bionics to brain chips, hacking humanity has never been more ethically fraughtIkea doubles down on smart homesThis new “Rapid Response Factory” wants to make an assembly line to build post-disaster housingThree easy steps to build a strong brandEven conservatives balk at Trump’s claim of “anti-conservative bias” in techFor years, automakers wildly overpromised on self-driving cars and electric vehicles—what now?This dystopian film was supposed to critique today’s tech. Instead, Silicon Valley loved itI’m a hacker, and here’s how your social media posts help me break into your companyThis is what it’s like to be a death doulaAmazon Alexa will now give medical advice from the NHSHow to watch NYC’s ticker tape parade for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team live onlineI’ve been designing offices for decades. Here’s what I got wrongWhat should your online presence say about you?Here’s how to tame browser-tab madness in Chrome and FirefoxThe Apollo 11 astronauts went on a world tour when they got home from the Moon—and it was more surreal than BeatlemaniaThese beautiful electric charging points are the gas station of the futureDozens of universities are declaring a climate emergency